My Sufferings

At the end of 2016, I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 symptoms. I rushed into the diagnostic center for OGTT. My fasting blood sugar came out 13 mmol/l and after 2 hours of oral glucose consumption it was 18 mmol/l.

The overall pain is much more than you get through pinching your finger

At the age of 36, after leaving a standard healthy life, the news fully shattered me! Well there are reasons for thinking that way. Before I come to that point, I would tell you the diabetes type 2 symptoms I was going through.

  • Drastic weight loss

Everyone around me was complaining as it seemed I lose some weights in a quick time. Upon persuasion, one fine morning I ended up finding it is 67 Kgs. I lose 7 Kgs in a period of few weeks! Interestingly, my appetite went high and I craved more and more food at the same time.

  • Increased Fatigue

My apartment is at 3rd Floor of the building. Mostly I use the stairs while going up home. But suddenly I started feeling like, my home is far far away from the downstairs. Once reached, I felt like I can’t even stand properly. Initially I thought these are for my work load and for the exhausting day at office. But slowly I started to realize that it was something else.

  • Increased urination and thirst

While the frequency of going into the toilet increased, I needed to drink more to quench the thirst. It was like a vicious circle, get thirsty, drink more water and go to the toilet more frequently! And the cycle goes on and on.

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I was having family records of high sugar in blood. Despite all these I was feeling shattered considering the consequences of high sugar blood. The high sugar in blood stays in the bloodstream. As the time goes, it can cause complications relating to diseases including Heart Failure, kidney damage and loss of vision.