Top 11 Factors on How Much Electricity Does a Treadmill Use

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When you spend money on exercise equipment, it’s natural that you check the energy rating of the treadmill to see how much electricity does a treadmill uses over its lifetime. Of course, it’s less common to think about how much electricity it uses when in use, but if you’re thinking of buying a treadmill with an electric motor, or any other electrical fitness machine for that matter, then knowing how many watts are used is essential.

The average usage of a treadmill is 600 to 700 watts. It is like lighting 50 fluorescent bulbs for 30 minutes or watching 3 LCD televisions (46-inch) for 25-30 minutes. If you ran for two and a half hours each week—the government’s suggested routine for ordinary individuals—you’d release about 110 pounds of CO2 each year by generating electricity for the treadmill. (That’s around 1% of the average automobile’s CO2 emissions.)

Electric Treadmills could be expensive


Factors affecting treadmill power consumption

Different factors determine the amount of energy a treadmill uses. The easiest way to lower the cost is by choosing a treadmill with a more energy-efficient motor. The energy efficiency label shows you how much electricity a piece of equipment will use over its lifetime, but this isn’t always reliable. This is because most machines are used under very different conditions that can impact their power consumption massively. In addition, the amount of electricity used by treadmills is dependent on factors such as how fast you walk and whether or not you use incline.

The wattage

Power consumption in most treadmills is roughly 300 to 900 watts, and some calculations can be made to estimate how much energy your treadmill will use and what impact it will have on your expenses.

The wattage can vary depending on factors such as how fast you run, what incline settings you use, and whether or not your treadmill has an electric motor. But these are minor differences that aren’t worth worrying about if you’re looking for an excellent primary machine.

Here are the Top 3 Treadmills on Wattage on Amazon today:

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Real-life usage

Let’s consider that most people walk at speeds of 3 mph (more or less). Variations in speed won’t be significant enough to decrease your workout time by more than 20 minutes out of an hour, making them insignificant compared to the number of calories you burn. So there may be a chance to save money if your treadmill has an incline setting that can be used while still allowing you to get a good workout.

The speed at which you use your treadmill

The speed is also significant in terms of electricity bill. The faster you run on it, the more energy your treadmill will use, and therefore the higher your power bill will be. Of course, your speed won’t make a massive difference to how much exercise you get out of using a treadmill, but by increasing your running pace by 10%, you can burn an extra 100 calories in every hour spent working out on one.

Do you use your treadmill at an incline?

Calculations show that if you can get on a treadmill at an incline, you will burn more calories in an hour, which means the electricity costs go lower. The exact figures show that if you run on your treadmill with an incline of up to 10%, the amount of power used falls by about 20%, making it one of the most effective ways of reducing electricity usage.

Choose treadmill carefully to save electricity bills

The brand of electrical fitness equipment

If you choose to buy top budget treadmills under $200, these might not be as efficient as high-end ones, but if you do decide to buy one of these cheap devices, at least you’ll know that the cost of powering it will be relatively low.

This is not to say that choosing an expensive treadmill guarantees that your power bill won’t suffer; many costly options on the market are far less energy efficient than some cheaper models.

The motor’s rpm (revolutions per minute)

A treadmill with a motor that runs at 4000 revolutions per minute (rpm) is more energy-efficient than one running at 3600 rpm. Most treadmills run close to this rate anyway—and anything above 3200 rpm is usually high-end—so don’t worry too much about this feature alone or you.

The age of the treadmill

An older treadmill will be less energy-efficient than a newer one, so consider getting an upgrade if you already have an old machine in your home gym. The good news is that with the most efficient motors being the most popular choice these days, it’s easy to find a new treadmill that uses less power than you’re currently using at home!

The weight of the person using the exercise equipment

A 400-lb man is going to use more electricity than a 150-lb woman at any pace. A heavier body requires more energy for each step or stride taken on a treadmill. A 200-lb person who runs five miles per hour will consume approximately 300 watts over an hour; this number doubles when increasing speed from 5 miles per hour to 10 miles per hour.

The size of the exercise equipment

A larger treadmill will use more energy than a smaller, lighter model as it has a heavier frame and must work harder. Also, you want your treadmill’s belt to measure around 50 inches long by 20 inches wide for greater stability at higher speeds. A machine with a narrower belt won’t give you enough room to run comfortably, making it harder for you to push yourself to burn calories faster. So make sure that the one you choose is large enough for your body type.

How often do you use the treadmill?

If your gym is open 24 hours a day, but you only use it after midnight when there’s no one else around, expect to pay more for the electricity you use to run it. This is because higher usage at off-peak times results in a lower price per unit of energy consumed. The same goes for using your treadmill to power the home theater system and sound system; if you aren’t watching movies to keep yourself entertained while working out, switch it off.

The climate control settings

If you don’t want to heat or cool an entire room because your treadmill needs ventilation, invest in a fan that blows directly onto the machine instead. A basic home treadmill costs around $300 and includes a manual setting for this purpose. Still, it’s even more effective if you can get one with its powered cooling and heating features so that it can regulate itself as necessary throughout any given workout.

Smart choice of treadmill will not consume much electricity

FAQs on How much electricity does a treadmill use

How much does a treadmill add to your electric bill?

There is no clear answer to this question because it greatly depends on how often you use the treadmill, the machine’s settings, and more. However, it costs roughly 10 cents each week, 40 cents every month, or $5 per year to address the inquiry.

Why does a treadmill use more electricity if I run faster?

As stated above, any increase in speed requires an increase in power consumption. In addition, a heavier body requires greater exertion by its exercise equipment for movement; this higher demand results in increased energy usage.

What does incline do to electricity usage?

The incline increases resistance and, consequently, energy usage. Don’t set the incline too high if you want to save on your electric bill while still getting a good workout. Also, try to avoid using a treadmill with a motor that runs at a high rpm since most treadmills that have this feature usually operate at high speeds.

Should I unplug my treadmill when not in use?

The short answer is that you should always unplug your treadmill after each usage.

Does an electric treadmill use a lot of electricity?

No, a treadmill does not use lots of electricity.

How much electricity does a treadmill use: Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for ways to offset the costs of your treadmill, think how much more expensive it will be to use other forms of electrical exercise equipment for an equivalent workout. On the other hand, treadmills are often bought as investment pieces that can be used every day—so they should offer plenty of benefits in return!

It’s best not to leave the treadmill running while you go out, even if it’s only for a short time; this isn’t so much about treadmill power consumption but rather the safety factor. So many people lose their lives each year by accidentally leaving treadmills on with no one around.

In addition, don’t forget that when you choose a new machine over your old one, your unit will need electricity too, and you can’t expect it to run on less power than your old one, unless if the new one is more energy efficient. So you will end up using more electricity in general for this reason, but at least you will also get a better machine that suits your needs.

You can also choose manual treadmills as these motor-less manual treadmills would cost nothing compared to electric treadmills.

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