The Best Treadmill for Small Spaces to Fit in Your Home or Apartment – Top 10 Picks

Running on the Best Treadmill for Small Spaces

Honey, I shrunk the treadmill!

The wait is over by searching the internet for the best folding or portable treadmill. If you live in a tiny apartment or have limited space at home, this article will be of great interest.

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We explore some of the most popular compact and folding treadmills available today and list them according to their size. So here’s what you need to know before buying one: how much room do they take up? How big are they when folded? And can they fold up into a smaller package? We also provide reviews from customers who have purchased these products so that you can learn about their experience with them firsthand.

This article includes important information about choosing your next compact folding treadmill purchase, including size, folding options, and weight.

To help you pick a quality folding treadmill, this list contains 3 Top choices of our 10 best small treadmills.

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Top 10 List for the Best Treadmill for Small Spaces in 2023

Fitness experts reviewed and chosen after hands-on experience based on weight capacity, engine power, dimensions, speed, incline, warranty, LCD, price, etc.

Best Compact Folding Treadmill – NordicTrack T 6.5 Si

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The NordicTrack T 6.5 Si is one of the best folding treadmills, affordable for small spaces, and an upgrade over the old version with improved tech. The dimensions of this machine are 36” wide x 67.5″ long x 73” tall.

After folding up the deck and locking it into a folded position, the T 6.5 Si will be 36” broad x36.8” deep x 79.5 tall in size. The user will enjoy a wider running track with a belt length of20″ wide and 55″ long where users weighing 60-130 Kgs (132-286 pounds) can comfortably use this product without sacrificing their fitness goals even when at home and not using it for an extended period of time.

The NordicTrack T 6.5 Si compact treadmill has a 10” HD touch screen that allows you to control many of the features on the machine right from your tablet or smartphone using Bluetooth technology and download free IFFT workout programs for the free first year. This is perfect because most gym memberships are expensive, and health clubs are usually crowded in any way!

Having the instrument to choose between indoor and outdoor routes, this instrument comes with an option to enjoy the outdoors. These outside routines are equally enjoyable, with walking tours, hiking routes, jogging, and even walk-run classes available.

NordicTrack 6.5 Si is a great choice for beginners and those on the go since it offers 20 different built-in workout programs and top amazon product reviews, which you can use to select the best one according to your personal fitness needs.

Pros Cons
  • The quick response controls are there for changing the speed and incline easily and in a short time.
  • Not heavy; you can easily move it around when needed.
  • Value for money treadmill.
  • A perfect Folding treadmill.
  • The deck cushion settings could be adjustable.
  • The built-in good HP motor makes the folding treadmill less noisy
  • iFit Coach subscription for free for the first year.
  • Comes with a high-definition 10” smart touchscreen.
  • The belt area is wider.
  • T 6.5 Si does not come with a chest strap
  • No built-in fan


Best Light-Weight Folding Treadmill – ProForm Carbon T10

No products found.

The ProForm Carbon T10 is a folding treadmill perfect for small spaces yet provides plenty of functionality. Additionally, the fold-up design means storing this machine in your closet without using it- a convenient feature if you are short on space.

The belt length of 22″ and width of 55″ allow users to exercise comfortably without bumping into one another or exercising too close to the front end. Plus, the 220 lbs weight capacity is suitable for many people; however, anyone over this weight limit will have difficulty operating this machine due to its smaller size and lack of power features.

The folding treadmill has a 10-inch touchscreen display that surfaces water-resistant (sweat and all).

The Carbon T10 folding treadmill is a significant investment, but it comes with the iFit system that offers indoor and outdoor plans. The applications include walking tours, hiking routes jogging, running, and even walk-run classes.

The ProForm Carbon T10 also comes with 20 different built-in workout programs. These pre-set can help you increase your fitness without subscribing to the services.

Pros Cons
  • The quick response controls allow you to change the speed and incline easily.
  • Easy to move, lighter treadmill.
  • It is a folding treadmill, which saves space.
  • Comes with adjustable treadmill deck cushion settings.
  • The Carbon T10 3.0 HP motor operates without much noise.
  • Includes iFit for three years free with the compact treadmill
  • A high-definition 10-inch smart touchscreen is included.
  • Enjoy plenty of treadmill belt area as you work out.
  • There is no built-in fan to keep you cooler.
  • It doesn’t come with a chest strap.

Best Value for Money Treadmill – Horizon T101 Folding Treadmill

No products found.

Horizon T101 is a 72” long, 34” wide, and 55” high compact treadmill with a foldable design that makes it one of the most compact treadmills for small spaces in its budget.

The belt is 20” wide and 55” long, so you’ll have good foot clearance. Like most folding treadmills, it supports a maximum user weight capacity of 300 pounds.

This folding treadmill can handle up to 10 mph with an incline of 10%. The treadmill has several preset programs, including Calorie Burn, Distance, Manual, Time, and Weight Loss.

The Horizon T101 is a quiet treadmill even when the belt moves along the deck. The console has built-in Bluetooth speakers and a tablet holder shelf for your phone or other personal devices. In addition, this machine is smaller than other models, making it an ideal option for someone looking for a foldable treadmill in a small space.

Pros Cons
  • Compact and lightweight fold-up when you are done
  • It comes with preloaded programs that do not require a subscription
  • One of the quietest treadmills
  • 3-Zone cushioning provides more shock absorption than outdoor surfaces
  • Heart rate sensors on the handlebars transmit your heart rate data to the screen.
  • You can use your tablet for 3rd party apps or to watch Netflix, read, etc., while running
  • Less than 3.0 HP motor; not recommended for fast or long-distance running
  • Less tech-heavy than comparable treadmills
  • No touchscreen


Most Powerful Compact Treadmill – LifeSpan 5500i

No products found.

A good treadmill for your home or apartment is important because space-saving alternatives are difficult when looking to avoid clutter. First, we assess the LifeSpan 5500i, which has a powerful and quiet motor but impresses with the compact dimensions that make it easy to store or move. The LifeSpan 5500i’s total size is 73″ long X 35″ wide X 55.5″ with a folded height of 40.5″.

One of the best folding treadmills on Amazon belongs to LifeSpan. The 5300i will fit tight household spaces and apartments with its nine-inch step height and 13% incline. The deck size is 22″ wide X 60″ long, and it’s a lifetime warranty, making it stand out among other compact models.

When it comes to a compact treadmill, LifeSpan 5500i gives you a lot of extras. With its powerful motor and durable deck, training on this treadmill becomes more comfortable.

The LifeSpan 5500i does not have a giant video screen and only has an optional 10-inch console. However, it piques the interest of many users because of its easy-to-use speedometer that displays your current speed. LifeSpan also has 20 built-in workout programs, including fitness tests and heart rate monitors.

Pros Cons
  • Ideal for athletes who live in small homes or apartments and want quality but folding treadmill
  • Low step-up height of just 9 inches
  • Inclines up to 13% and declines to -2%
  • It comes with a top speed of 13.5mph
  • Powerful 4.0 HP motor
  • The deck has 8 compression shocks to absorb impact while running or walking.
  • There are 20 preset workout programs
  • No touchscreen
  • No subscription option


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Best Non-Electric Folding Treadmill – Sunny Health & Fitness

No products found.

One budget-friendly option for beginner treadmill shoppers is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M. The SF-T1407M from Sunny Health & Fitness is the best option if you are looking for a compact, non-electric, affordable folding treadmill with an affordable price point.

The lightweight and easy-to-move design make this the perfect basic treadmill. With time, max speed, and calorie tracking abilities, this small home treadmill gives all the information needed without going too far into detail.

Folds up for storage when not in use, this lightweight and compact piece of Sunny Health & Fitness equipment is also on wheels for easy transportation to your desired room.

The weight capacity? A maximum of 220 lbs.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Manual Walking Treadmill is the best folding treadmill with a limited budget and small household spaces.

But this manual walking treadmill is best for people who prefer a simplistic approach and are looking for a portable treadmill.

Pros Cons
  •  Simplistic advantageous non-electric approach
  •  For a gentle stroll, the walking belt is convenient
  •  The machine comes with an option of an adjustable incline to increase the intensity
  •  The folding is neat for a storage option
  •  The console is more informative, considering the price
  •  The plastic parts are fragile
  •  For longer sessions, there are some issues with the weight
  •  The frame seems heavier

Best Compact Folding Treadmill for Seniors – LifeSpan TR2000i

No products found.

This is one of the best folding treadmills on the market because it has an electric folding system that will fold in and unfold on its own. Press a button on the remote control, and watch the machine fold itself! The open measurement of this LifeSpan TR2000i is 71” long × 33” wide × 56” high, and when closed, 50″ long × 33″ wide × 56″ high.

If you’re looking for a quality treadmill with a compact design to work out in the corner without taking up too much space, LifeSpan TR2000i is your best choice. With an 8″ on-step height, it’s easy to get on and off and suitable for anyone who needs mobility assistance or likes some cushioning during their workout.

The belt is 20 inches wide and 56” long, which provides plenty of space for runners of smaller frames like the LifeSpan TR2000i.

The TR2000i treadmill from NordicTrack remains at par with industry-standard speeds on incline levels, remaining 11mph and 15% maximum. In addition, this powerful 2.5 HP motor ensures a smooth and somnolent experience you won’t find with other models!

This particular LifeSpan is equipped with a heart rate monitor and a typical console for its size, with the added feature. This active machine also includes two personalized programs to help you achieve your fitness goals while minimizing safety risks.

Pros Cons
  • eFold Electric Folding System will automatically (remote control) fold and unfold the treadmill for you
  • Very compact and space efficient
  • Quiet 2.5hp motor is smooth and responsive
  • The best treadmill for seniors or anyone with mobility issues
  • It comes with a cushioned surface
  • The console is simple and easy to use
  • It does not require an internet connection
  • No video classes
  • It won’t sync with a tablet
  • The console is straightforward


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Best Folding Treadmill for Home/Apartments – Horizon T202

No products found.

Horizon T202 is one of the best folding treadmills on the market, and it is packed with quality and well-designed features in a reasonably priced machine. With a 34” wide x 75” long x 58” tall dimension, this foldable treadmill makes for practical and easy storage!

You can use the built-in programs to choose your workout routine based on calorie burn, weight loss, heart rate, distance covered, speed, and inclination. In addition, the LCD screen will track your progress while you work out. It will be easier to exercise with a 20″ wide and 60″ long belt.

One of the benefits of this folding treadmill is that you can put it in a corner when not used. In addition, the FeatherLight technology makes Horizon T202 easy to fold and unfold per your needs.

A T202 treadmill is a machine that makes less noise to bother your neighbors but without sacrificing power with its 2.75 HP motor.

Pros Cons
  • FeatherLight folding technology makes it easy to fold and is light enough to be moved in the corner while not in use.
  • Comes with Bluetooth speakers.
  • Good top user weight on the T202; it makes it universal for more people.
  • The 2.75 CHP motor makes it quiet.
  • Adjustable incline ranges for you to burn more calories.
  • The USB port allows it to charge up your device.
  • Foldable Treadmill
  • There is an issue with the Fan not providing much air circulation.
  • Not suitable for intense running training.


Best Folding Treadmill with Big Screen – NordicTrack T 9.5 S

No products found.

The NordicTrack 9.5 S is the perfect combination of durability, quality, and tech for customers looking to save on space in an under-served product category.

The dimensions of the 9.5 S are 79” long X 35.5” wide X 59” high when open and folded, and the deck is 72” tall (since the 9.5 S folds vertically) X 40” deep X 35.5″ wide.

The iFit subscription is free for the first year of purchasing the 9.5 S treadmill. You can get a maximum incline of 12% and a speed of 12 mph. This comes with various training options capable of performing power workouts, unlike other compact treadmills on the market today. This device also offers a powerful motor of 3.6 Horsepower to enhance your experience in these respects with its 20” wide and 60” long deck size.

One way to help those living in small apartments is to ensure they don’t compromise on the quality of space. The NordicTrack 9.5 S offers the best of both worlds-high-quality features without cutting corners on size. As a result, it’s an excellent investment for people who want a treadmill with top-of-the-line specs and enough power to go hard but still want a width smaller than many others out there.

Pros Cons
  • A good combo of High-end tech and power on a compact frame
  • Large 20” wide and 60” long-running surface
  • 14” touchscreen displays can run even off-treadmill strength training and yoga
  • iFit is included free for the first year
  • It has a fan with four power settings
  • Will sync with Bluetooth headphones
  • Foldable Treadmill
  • No heart rate chest strap
  • Heavy and a bit more challenging to move than the other compact treadmills


Best Folding Treadmill for Small Apartment – Sole F63

No products found.

The Sole F63 is one of our picks among the best folding treadmills geared for small spaces. It has a 20” wide running surface and an open dimension of 57″ H x 35” W x 82” L. Powered by a 3.0 horsepower motor, people found it irresistible.

The F63 console has an LCD screen with 10 preloaded programs, 2 of which are custom heart rates. It also includes a Heart Rate chest strap for heart-rate zone training on the tread belt to reach up to 12mph speed with a max 15% incline.

Our top choice for a small, folding treadmill is the F63. Its durable belt and quiet operation make it the perfect option if you want to work out on the go. With no need for an internet connection or wifi to work out, all you have to do is a plugin and get started!

Pros Cons
  • Easy to fold
  • The good running surface of 20″ wide and 60″ long
  • Easy to move as it comes with four wheels
  • It comes with 2 custom heart rate programs and a heart rate chest strap
  • It has a 3.0hp motor that is smooth and quiet
  • will sync with Zwift, makes it rare in the market
  • The fan is less powerful
  • Not ideal for longer distances and extensive work-outs; best for walking and jogging


Most Reliable Compact Folding Treadmill – 3G Cardio Pro Runner

No products found.

“The 3G Cardio Pro Runner” includes features not found in other compact treadmills. For instance, it weighs 350 pounds and can accommodate these weights more effectively than a typical treadmill.

You can set the adjustable incline at 15%, and the top speed is 12 mph, making it one of the best running treadmills. The machine runs smoothly and without noise from its 3 HP motor.

There are two water bottle holders and a fan beside the console, but no plug for speakers. The LCD is split into three screens, one showing your heart rate, another displaying distance covered, and the third giving data such as speed and calories burned.

Pros Cons
  • There are 8 built-in customizable workouts
  • Foldable Compact model.
  • You can incline up to 15%
  • Max speed is 12 mph
  • It comes with three fitness test programs.
  • A unique suspension system works with an orthopedic running belt and large 3″ rollers.
  • Easy and quick incline/speed changes
  • Max Weight Capacity of 350 pounds
  • Smaller than the average running area of 20.5″x 58″.
  • No port for speakers.
  • The display screens are pretty small.

The Best Compact Treadmills are in High Demand Again

COVID-19 has made treadmills for small spaces trendy again. Although the use of such equipment declined from 2015 to 2017, thanks to COVID-19 and other factors, people are investing in folding treadmill machines to burn fat within the confines of their apartments this winter.

Researchers are now predicting ongoing Covid-19 to continue in our homes for an extended period.

One frustration can be large and heavy for those using treadmills in smaller spaces, like homes and apartments. To counter this problem, people will look for folding models to get the best of both worlds: a small treadmill to fit into their apartment or modest home space but sturdy enough to keep them healthy.

Yet people love to go to the gym to burn calories, as many of us find the home gym boring. But you can’t risk spreading colds or the coronavirus by going outside and working out in a crowded, public gym with hundreds of other people. However, thanks to manufacturers like NordicTrack, who have developed innovative design solutions and offer extended warranties.


How to choose the Best Folding Treadmill for Small Spaces

When looking for a space-efficient treadmill, it’s important to consider the type. Motorized and non-motorized treadmills have pros and cons, but your preference should depend on your needs.

There are a few different size considerations when choosing the right treadmill. For folded treadmills, you need to consider the clearance space required for the treadmill while it is opened and closed.

There are also various models and features, such as heart rate monitors, levels of incline-decline, speeds, and lifetime warranties, that may be important to consider.

If you are looking for a more intense workout, an incline treadmill will help. These machines typically require less space because the slope reduces stride and treadmill length. However, if you want to know what exercise is optimal for a small space, go with 10 – 15 miles per hour at around 4 inches of decline in the treadmill’s incline.

Once you’ve reviewed the areas that receive regular inspection, consider whether or not a treadmill is safe. These compact models are meant to be used at home and shouldn’t be exposed to risk. Check features like if there are handholds if the belt stops when you fall, how easy it is to eliminate from the entire operation, and the functionality of safety features/gears, etc.

Once all these requirements are fulfilled, it is time to look for some fancy features, including the display, the preset workout plans it comes with, and many others based on your desire and that align with your budget.

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Bonus tips for selecting the Best Folding Treadmill for Your Home or Apartment

Take these additional steps once you’ve narrowed your lineup to two or three models. You can’t try them all in person, so this info will help narrow it down for you:

  • Look for what other real users say about each small or compact treadmill.
  • Watch out for the video feedback from real hands-on users after purchasing it.
  • If you have specific questions, go to the company website and ask questions in the chat window. Something people find helpful may not suit your needs.
  • You can get the answers to your questions by calling the customer service representative at the given number.
  • Another way to get acquainted with it is to search social media platforms to solicit feedback and advice from people you trust.
  • Before buying it, you can look for a nearby distributor of the product or a gym so that you can visit physically to get a hands-on experience.
  • Get some additional info like how close it has to be from the power source, even if it requires a plug, or if anything needs to be put underneath; how far should it be from walls, furniture, or other exercise equipment?
  • Ensure the warranty, maintenance service availability, parts replacement offers, etc.

Best Compact Treadmill for Small Spaces

Best Compact Treadmill for Your Home — Buyer’s Guide

Wondering why some of the instruments we’ve listed in our “Best compact treadmills” reviews are still included?

The best treadmills for small spaces are usually compact and entry-level. These typically lack the durability of higher-end machines, but as these treadmills cater to a niche market, they often represent the perfect fit for homes with tight space constraints.

The followings are our considerations for picking up the best compact treadmills available in the market:

Dimensions When in Use and When Folded

As we are looking for compact machines which would take small space, the first consideration to sort out from the available ones in the market is to check its measurements. People often buy prominent instruments, although they plan to suit them in the corner of their house. Therefore, we only considered larger ones that are foldable. So even if it is foldable, the dimension of the folded machine is also an essential parameter for us while making a list.

Quality Construction

For any product, the materials it is constructed with are important and more significant for an instrument you would use for extensive workouts. We did not choose any products from the new manufacturers no one had ever heard of as we suspect, without any proven track records, there is a chance that the materials they used might not be of any quality. It might start shaking within a few weeks, and parts might fall apart. So instead, we chose the manufacturers known for quality materials with satisfactory track records. It is expected that these will hold up under everyday usage.

Treadmill Belt Length

For comfort, the belt should belong so that even tall people can comfortably use it. It is hard for someone over 6’ tall to comfortably work on a machine with a belt below 55’’ long. The balance between the belt and the compact size is essential. We will get more room with a larger belt, but for the greater space, the larger the size, the better. Most people should be comfortable with the ones we have selected.

Range of Features

The manufacturers’ range of features is also important, but that should not be too expensive. We took the ones best described as the value for money. Even with the basic compact treadmill, some features should pass on the boredom of working outdoors.

Using these qualities as our starting criteria, we sorted through the various brands and chose the best compact treadmills for small spaces.

A person in red preparing to run on a treadmill


We have selected top models as you look for the best folding treadmill for 2023. Based on our reviews, we thoroughly analyzed these excellent machines and feel it will be easy to pick the best choice.

Please comment below if you have read through all the folding treadmill reviews and still can’t find the perfect one!

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