Your Body Will Burn More Calories in Less Time with These 5 Best HIIT Treadmill Workouts

Best HIIT Treadmill Workouts

Hi everyone! My name is Jane, and I’m the founder of Fitness at Home. Today, I want to introduce you to a brand new blog post we just published on Mobarok’s Blog : Your Body Will Burn More Calories in Less Time with These 5 High Intensity Interval Training Treadmill Workouts.

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This blog post includes 5 best HIIT treadmill workouts that will help you lose weight quickly and more efficiently – all while working out at home! By following these simple instructions, your body will burn more calories in less time than ever before…and best of all? You can do it by yourself from the comfort of your own home!

Each of these exercises are best for a different fitness level. So if you’re looking to get started with HIIT training, or just want to add some new moves into your workout routine (and see the fastest results possible!), this post will be perfect for you!


Why High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) works?

As the intensity of HIIT increases, it involves muscle fibers because they are there for short but fierce power of energy. Steady-state cardio is more suited to aerobic activities that require long distance running where slow-twitch muscles may only have to deal with a steady dose of sugar.

Because HIIT treadmill workout is so challenging that it burns through your carbohydrate stored faster than steady state exercise does, you need less time to achieve maximum results due to how quickly excess fat cells release fatty acids into circulation (Gibala et al., 2006). This not only increases weight loss but also improves endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Best HIIT Treadmill Workouts

The best HIIT workouts rely on alternating between periods of intense exercise followed by short rest intervals during which heart rate drops below one’s anaerobic threshold to avoid exhaustion (Gibala et al., 2006).

The speed, duration, intensity and distance run vary depending on one’s goals with some examples including sprinting uphill for 30 seconds before walking down or jogging up a steep incline then back again; running at maximum pace until the body signals that it can’t go any further then slowing to a jog while recovering in 20-30 second increments; running up stairs as quickly as possible without coming off the step before descending immediately after ascending; etc.

What is your best chance for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Treadmill Workouts?

At the beginning, when you start out with HIIT treadmill workout, it is obvious that you have to experiment to find the best settings that works out for you. Not only speed but also incline play an important role in designing great HIIT treadmill workout.

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Search for the sweet spot setting suits you and you can work out for more than one minute; however, this will vary depending on what level of conditioning you are at or fitness goals that have been set for yourself so be sure not get discouraged if it takes some time before finding the perfect setting!

For people new to HIIT treadmill workouts, try a 5 mph run with zero incline while more seasoned athletes can go for a 10 mph pace and slightly inclined surface.

5 Best Treadmill HIIT Workouts We Chose for You

Sometimes, good old fashioned boredom can set in when you’re running on the treadmill. That’s why we’ve picked a variety of HIIT workouts to keep things fresh and interesting!

Be aware that speeds or inclines are given as reference points but feel free to modify them based on your fitness level or where you happen to be within your journey towards being fit–you don’t want these settings holding back progress after all. Feel free to experiment with different combinations of speed and elevation so make sure there aren’t any surprises later down the road because you didn’t give yourself enough time for recovery.

The 30-Minute Workout

If you’re looking for a new way to get your heart pumping, this specially designed workout might be just what you need. It will help you on the consistency of your max heart rate in percentage which can easily be determined with any fitness tracker or if not using one each level is relative to yourself and the workouts are easy enough that anyone could do them!

Steps to follow: (Total 30 Minutes)

1. Warm-up : 5 Minutes

  • Easy jogging to walking

2. Run & Walk : 10 Minutes

  • Run 30-second (effort will be around 80%)
  • Walk 30-second (effort will be around 20%)
  • Repeat Run & Walk for 8-10 times

3. Recovery: 2 Minutes

  • jog for recovery (at around 50% effort)

4. Run & Walk block: 10 Minutes

  • Run and Walk block 30-seconds each for 8-10 times

5. Cool Down: 3 Minutes

  • Walk and cool down

Best HIIT Treadmill Workouts

The Sprinter

From the moment you start your sprint session, it will feel like an uphill battle. You need to find out a solid speed suitable for your body and then maintain 2mph faster pace for 60 seconds at first. The objective of this style is to enhance endurance so don’t forget about rest periods!

This workout is all about interval training which increases muscle power on treadmills and helps with turn over rates in workouts as well as building up stamina from short bursts of intense running where runners are pushing themselves strenuously during their work outs.

Steps to follow: (25 – 30 Minutes)

1. Warm-up : 5 Minutes

  • Easy jogging to walking

2. Run & Sprint : 10-20 Minutes

  • 30-second run at solid steady pace
  • 30-second sprint
  • Repeat total 5 to 10 times

3. Recovery: 5 Minutes

  • Cool down (jog or walk)

The ‘Strong’ Workout

A treadmill can be used to help you recover after a tough workout. All the while still getting your heart rate up, this will work on that lower back and hamstring burn!

Keep 1% incline when at steady state pace in order to maintain recovery. The hill height should increase from there for optimum results!

Steps to follow: Starting at 15 minutes

1. Warm-up : 5 Minutes

  • Easy jogging or walking

2. Run : 10-20 Minutes

  • 60-second run at solid steady pace at 1% incline
  • 60-second maintain the pace at 2% incline
  • 60-second maintain the pace at 1% incline
  • 60-second maintain the pace at 3% incline
  • Repeat the process of 60 seconds at 1% incline and then 60 seconds at a higher incline level as high as you can go.

3. Recovery: 5 Minutes

  • Cool down (walk or jog)

The Strong Legs Workout

One of the best ways to improve your overall athleticism and speed is by building up muscles in areas like your hips, legs, abs, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves – just as long you don’t neglect cardio. You may be thinking that this sounds impossible or hard work but it’s actually not!

With the help of this treadmill workout moves there’ll be no excuse for a lackluster effort because each exercise will also focus on improving core stability – something so essential if you want success on any level when running.

Steps to follow: 15 – 20 minutes

1. Warm-up : 5 Minutes

  • Easy jogging or walking

2. Workout : 10 Minutes

  • 30 seconds: Squats (off the treadmill)
  • 60 seconds: Walk
  • 60 seconds: Walking lunges (at an easy pace)
  • 30 seconds: Sprint at max speed
  • Repeat for 2–3 rounds

3. Recovery: 5 Minutes

  • Cool down (walk at 10% incline)

The ‘Mind Focus’ Workout

It’s important to stay focused when working out, otherwise you will end up with a mind that is elsewhere. The best way to keep your focus intact while on the treadmill is by doing intervals of inclines and speeds so that your body continually adapts in order for it not get too comfortable. Put down all devices during this time as they can easily distract from what’s really at hand–keeping your mind right where it needs to be!

Steps to follow: (20 Minutes)

1. Warm-up : 5 Minutes

  • Walking at 3-4 mph

2. Workout : 10 Minutes

  • 60 seconds: 5-7 mph elongated Strides (in between a jog and sprint)
  • 3 minutes: Walk at 5% incline at 3 mph
  • 60 seconds: Strider at 5% incline at 5 mph
  • 3 minutes: Walk at 8% incline at 3 mph
  • 60 seconds: Strider at 8% incline at 5 mph

3. Recovery: 5 Minutes

  • Cool down (walk at 1% incline at 3 mph)

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