What is the Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors?

Choosing the Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

There are many different types of exercise equipment available to seniors. In fact, most people have more than one type of the best exercise equipment for seniors in their homes. This article will help you decide which is the best choice for you.

The first thing to look at is your own health and any injuries or conditions that may prevent you from using some types of exercise equipment.

The second consideration should be comfort level with using the machine. If neither of these lists applies to you (and if you’re not an athlete looking for specialized training), then keep reading!


The Best Exercise Equipment For Seniors

Here’s a list of the best exercise equipment for seniors (in no particular order) and a little about each piece:

1) Treadmill

Treadmills are popular exercise equipment for several reasons, including the fact that you can walk as fast or slow as you want. A treadmill is also one of the few pieces of exercise equipment where you don’t need any cushioning on your knees or elbows because it has shock absorption built right into the machine itself. The downfall with treadmills is that they require an even surface to work properly (and if there’s anyone who knows about uneven surfaces in a house, it’s seniors) and they’re expensive.

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2) Stepper

Steppers have been around quite a while – probably longer than most people think! They’re basically old-school exercise bikes without all the fancy padded seats and hand grips. Steppers come in both single and double models and they’re a great way to ‘get the blood pumping’ while working those muscles.

3) Rocker/Platform Shoes

There’s nothing like rocking your way into a better you! If you’re looking for a low-impact exercise, but want to stay active and healthy then these may be just the ticket. You don’t need any extra equipment or even an entire room – some rocker shoes come in cute colors that look more like sneakers than clunky walkers here! They have “rocking plates” on the bottoms of the shoes that make it easy to move back and forth from resting position (at home or work) to standing position (both at home and on the road). These are definitely one of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment for seniors!

Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors is different for people

4) Resistance Tubing

These are great resistance tools that can be used by just about anyone – even the most advanced athlete. Think of them as giant rubber bands that you wrap around your arms, legs, ankles, and even around your own upper body to provide a workout that’s both steady and challenging on all levels. They also don’t take up much space so they’re easy to store when not in use. Think of tubing as having an elasticity level somewhere between foam rollers and weights (which makes it perfect for everyone).

5) Exercise Ball

Exercise balls offer yet another low-impact way to stay fit without putting too much stress on your joints or muscles. These exercise equipment come in everything from standard size (the biggest one is usually 55 cm) to small ones for kids and teens.

6) Exercise Gloves

Sometimes it’s hard to find a pair of exercise gloves that fit – especially if you have larger hands (and everything else!) as an older person. These are great exercise equipment for seniors because they offer extra cushioning for your wrists, which helps the joints during long workouts. If you’re looking for dedicated wrist support then these are worth checking out! The added benefit to these exercise equipment for seniors is that the fabric covering on the palm prevents your hands from slipping on most machines and benches.

7) Medicine Balls

These come in all different sizes depending upon what sort of workout you want to tackle. They can also be used by a wide variety of ages and fitness levels so it’s easy to find a ball that will match your needs. Medicine balls are added into many different types of workouts and for good reason – their small size makes it possible to work on various upper body exercises without the need of an entire room full of traditional weight resistance tools!

8) Cushioning Mats

There is a wide variety of cushioning mats on the market, including ones that can be used in your car or as an outdoor mat. These could also be used to protect knees or elbows while getting up and down from a chair (something seniors need help with!)

9) Resistance Bands

These come in varying degrees of resistance depending upon what sorts of workouts you want to perform. They can be used to work on a variety of different muscle groups and they also fit into most bags, making it simple enough to take them along no matter where you go.

10) Balance Discs

It’s thought that older adults should perform core exercises at least three times per week – and these are perfect for the job! These discs come in everything from large circles down to tiny discs that are more like plates than anything else. The larger ones (like the kind pictured above) offer extra balance support as well as being able to add weights for yet another level of resistance. If you’re looking for something between a walker and a standard exercise ball then this is definitely worth considering!

11) Exercise Vests

There are many different types of exercise clothing available on the market today. From jackets to shorts and everything in between these vests offer some extra resistance for workouts. The best part about them is that they’re comfortable enough to wear all day long so you can work out whenever you want – not just when it’s convenient!

12) Exercise Chair

This is especially good equipment for seniors who are at risk of falling or breaking a hip (which is why it comes with straps!) It also helps keep your spine strong while providing a stimulating workout for both the upper and lower body as well. This is one of the most affordable pieces of equipment for senior fitness because it includes weight lifting handles, resistance bands, two-arm curls, and even an abdominal curl! The seating area alone is worth the price as it helps to maintain circulation and increase flexibility.

13) Resistance Loop Bands

This is a great piece of equipment for older adults because they can add weights by using bungee cords! They’re easy to store, they don’t take up a lot of space and they’re also perfect if you want some extra resistance during stretching exercises at home.

Finding the Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

14) The Airdyne Cycle

This machine was built specifically for people who have joint problems – but you can find them in most gyms! It allows you to burn a massive amount of calories during your workout (up to 1800 per hour!) while also strengthening the heart and lungs.

15) Overhead Barbell Rack

This is especially helpful for older adults because it lowers the barbell weight load by placing it higher on the body. When combined with an exercise ball this makes for a great combination that will keep the spine healthy while building muscles at the same time!

16) Kettle Bells

These are easy to find in most gyms, old or new. They’re small enough to fit into any home gym as well as being able to be used while out walking around town – which makes them one of the best ways to get some resistance training done without having to go anywhere at all!

17) Ankle Weights

These are a great way to get in some extra workout time while doing things you need to do anyway. From walking the dog around the block to going down into your basement – they’re easy to wear and easy on the budget as well. They add resistance without adding bulk and that makes them perfect for any senior who wants added strength, increased flexibility, more coordination, and better balance!

18) A Rebounder or Mini-Trampoline

This is an item that every senior should have on hand! It’s not only fun but it also strengthens muscles, burns calories (increasing metabolism!) helps with weight loss, and even reduces stress too! There are many types of rebounders available, from mini-tramps (like the one pictured here) down to larger versions that are more like small trampolines.

19) Exercise Bike

An exercise bike may seem like an odd item to recommend but it has a ton of benefits for older adults! It strengthens core muscles, burns calories (increasing metabolism!), and an exercise bike can also be used for low-impact workouts. They are easy to stand up out of, exercise bikes help maintain balance thanks to the taller backrest and they even include pedaling straps!

20) Rowing Machine

This is an item that’s great for any fitness level! It helps to strengthen the arms, legs, and back while also working out the heart rate. The rowing machine here also offers a 10% incline which can be used anywhere from beginner to advanced levels.

21) Inclined Elliptical Trainer

If you have knee problems you’ll want to avoid this exercise equipment but it’s perfect if your knees are healthy! It works wonders for muscle tone (especially in the gluts!) and endurance too! The fact that it’s completely adjustable means that older adults of any fitness level will benefit from using this piece of equipment – even beginners!

22) Versaclimber or Assault Bike

These items are very similar to each other. In fact, they can even be used for the same kind of weight loss and muscle-building exercises. The only difference is where you’re standing – one type will have you facing forward while the other has your back turned to it instead!

23) Step Aerobics Machine

This machine helps to tone the legs, glutes, and upper body (including the rear delts!) as well as strengthening balance at the same time. They are easy on seniors who may have knee problems thanks to a detachable step unit that allows them to simply move around without worrying about getting too much impact on their knees! Two arms, leg & core workouts all in one machine!

24) Aquatic Exercise Equipment  or Pool

This is one of the best pieces of exercise equipment for seniors! It helps to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and it’s great for those who want to work on endurance as well. Some aquatic equipment even works with dry land workouts – meaning that you can use this machine at home in the pool or (if attached) go over to the gym and use it there too!

Choosing the Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

25) Racquetball Equipment

Some racquetball courts are better than others so be sure to ask about wrist support if you’re planning on playing yourself. If you aren’t up to playing a full game then stand alongside a pro player and get some pointers while they play – a great way to learn more about how your body is working which will help you to become better at your own game!

26) Exercise Bounce Balls  (Exercise Medicine Balls)

If you’re looking for a way to add in some toning without the cost of many exercise machines then exercise medicine balls are a great way to do it. Not only do they help with muscle tone but they also can be used for coordination and balance too! They come in different sizes (from 3 lbs up to 100+ lbs!) so be sure that you get one that’s within your ability level.

27) Fitness DVDs or Videos  (such as Yoga, Aerobics & More!)

Since there are so many options available when it comes to fitness videos I’ll just give you two examples here: yoga videos and aerobics videos. These are fun ways to exercise that aren’t always as grueling as going to the gym – it’s almost like a home workout DVD for seniors!

Final Words

These are all items that are easy to find in any gym or sporting goods store and they’re all great choices because each one provides a different benefit. If you can live with a smaller budget then starting with something like exercise bands is perfect but if you want to splurge then an exercise chair, cycle machine or even a rebounder may be exactly what you need!

Considering how important physical fitness is it’s worth spending just as much on these machines as you do your living room furnishing – especially since they’ll help improve both strength and balance too. It’s never too late to start exercising (or at least preparing!) so don’t miss out on this opportunity to get in shape and stay that way!

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