9 Best Shock Absorbing Treadmill Reviews – Buyer’s Guide & FAQs

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According to the CDC, obese and overweight people are at higher risk of serious diseases than healthy people. Some of them are increased mortality rate, Hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, Osteoarthritis, breathing issues, mental illness, and cancer. Running is one of the most effective remedies to burn extra fat off your body and lose weight. However, some don’t want to run outside due to lack of time, hard and uneven terrain, and kickbacks.

Infographics: US Household Owners vs on-owners of Fitness Products 2021

Are you short on time and need a quick overview of the best shock-absorbing treadmill our expert team selected? Here is a quick comparison chart for the Top 3 best shock-absorbing treadmills we’ve selected and their selling points:

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However, getting the best treadmill shock absorption can be a good solution right from home without getting hurt. On the counterpart, getting the most performing can be daunting because of various options. Our expert team has tested the most popular ones in the market and the best ones. So stick to the article, and I’ll help you get the best shock absorption treadmill to help you lose extra weight and get in shape.

Find Motivation to Run

Running on a treadmill might be boring and monotonous. There are still plenty of ways to find the motivation to run. One way is to get competitive, starting by joining in shorter races like a 5K, 10K, or half marathon and up to a full marathon. The race medals will be a great motivator. Another way is to reward yourself. Always believe in the power of rewards. Custom race medals will be an excellent choice of rewards. They can be easily customized by online manufacturers like GS-JJ and can also be good gifts for your running partners or group members.

Custom race medals will be an excellent choice of rewards

Are Treadmills Good with Shock Absorption?

Although it’s a crucial feature, not every treadmill you can find will come with a shock absorption mechanism. However, the ones that come with treadmill shock absorption capability have some distinct design changes than the regular ones. For example, they come with thicker deck belts and shock absorbers where the belt rests under the running deck.

When you run and produce shock on the surface, these shock absorbers minimize the impact on your lower body. Some also utilize shock absorption springs, and others come with rubber absorbers, including treadmill shock absorber pads, to reduce the effect. When you use a shock absorption treadmill, the impact cannot get you pain anymore; the way outdoor running would.

Best Shock Absorbing Treadmill

Table of Content:

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9 Best Shock Absorption Treadmill Reviews

Getting the best treadmill for shock absorption isn’t as easy as getting a regular treadmill. However, here are the 9 best treadmills that can help you with both losing weight and keeping yourself safe:

1. 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

No products found.

Key Features:

  • Built-in programs and customizable programs
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Device holder
  • Bottle holder
  • Built-in fans
  • Lifetime warranty for motors and frame 10 years for parts, and 2 years for labor

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner is one of the best treadmills we reviewed here. It has a powerful motor also the running belt is so comfortable though it is a little bit expensive.

Protecting with the largest deck

The suspension feature, The Ortho Flex, makes 3G Cardio an exclusive product in the shock-absorbing category in 2022.

The Ortho Flex Shock suspension feature makes it an exclusive product. So if you do a regular workout on this device, there will not affect your joints. The treadmill deck of this device is also taken apart to protect you from vibration or shock.

The belt is built with 4-ply, making it durable and allowing you to do intense workout sessions. The device measuring 22 x 62 inches is long enough for all types of exercise like running, jogging, or whatever you want to do. However, its review says that waking on 3G Cardio Elite Runner is as smooth as walking on a cloud.

High Motor Power

For some competitors, the motor of this device is very much competitive. It has four continuous horsepower. For this reason, it performs smoothly and soundlessly. It doesn’t create any sound to enjoy your workout session watching any entertaining show easily. And it speeds up easily.

You can customize the speed level according to your desired level. For example, you can walk on this by fixing the speed to 0.5 mph or run by setting it at 12 mph.

Robust Built

Because of the super robust build, you will not have any jerking issues. This is very user-friendly, even for overweight people. Unfortunately, it’s a heavy machine, and you can’t fold it.

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  • Amazing shock absorption features
  • The biggest and most comfortable belt for the best running surface experience
  • Robust build with 400 lbs weight capacity
  • Very much user-friendly and quiet motors


  • You cannot fold it to make space in indoor
  • Costly

2. NordicTrack Commercial Series Treadmill

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Special Features:

  • There is a large touch screen of around 10 inch
  • 1-year free subscription to the iFit workout app
  • You can fold it
  • There are auto breeze fans
  • It can be connected via Bluetooth
  • You can monitor your heart rate
  • Tablet Holder
  • You can program your workout
  • There are 10 years warranty for the frame, 2 years for parts, and labor 1 year.

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is highly recommended not only for its cushioning features but also for its extraordinary features. You can enjoy this for sure.

Best Cushioning

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 features the best cushioning, FlexSelect, features reduce the shocking impact by up to 30%, making your joints safe. The manufacturer made this such a way to meet your desire level at its best.

Commercial 1750 is a part of the T-series by NordicTrack; this series’s other elements are also outstanding cushioning. However, it becomes costly with each new model. The best part is that you can turn the cushioning on and off as needed.

Large Treadmill Belt

This has a 22×60 inches long treadmill belt, usually longer than the standard size, giving you a decent running surface experience. Any kind of user can use this. This is also user-friendly for overweight people. 

High Performing Motor

For a soundless and smooth performance, this motor reads 3.75 CHP. It can be performed continuously as its motors are designed like that. So a runner can run on this with a max speed of 12 mph and speeds up faster.

Incline and Decline Options

This has both incline and decline options. It offers a 15% incline and a -3% decline. NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is the finest model with an incline and decline option. This device can be enjoyed on flat ground, uphill, or downhill.

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  • High performing motor
  • Have incline and decline features
  • Cushioning features are adjustable
  • Folding Treadmill


  • NordicTrack machines are difficult to put together.

3. ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill

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Special Features:

  • Built-in Workout programs
  • Compatible with the iFit working app
  • Lucrative LED monitor
  • Motor and frame with a lifetime warranty
  • Features built-in speaker
  • There is a holder for the tablet
  • Heart rate can be monitored

ProForm Performance 600i is a budget-friendly treadmill. It is designed with a lucrative LED monitor. This is smartly designed so that you can save space. It is the best shock absorption treadmill.

Advance Cushioning Features

There is a most advanced ProForm performance 600i called the Proshox shock absorption system. This feature makes it a more cushioned treadmill. So you can easily do any workout like walking, running, and jogging for these features. In addition, four shock absorbers make the treadmill safer for users.

Quality Treadmill Belt

The Tread belt is made of thick material, which you can easily maintain. It is 20 inches wide and 60 inches long. Users can do any challenging workout because it has enough space. This treadmill can hold up to 325 lbs.

Slow Motor

The motor is quite slow and noisy, which may make you a little disappointed. The power of this motor is 2.75 CHP, and the max speed is 12 mph.

Incline Option

This machine offers a 12% incline level. It is easy to operate, just by clicking a button.

Easy Storage

You can carry a folding treadmill anywhere because it has wheels to move, so you can lift the machine with less effort. That’s how it is space-saving.

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  • Lucrative display screen to monitor data, including distance covered
  • Easy to move
  • Super speakers
  • Long-lasting large belt
  • iFit compatible
  • Folding Treadmill


  • The motor makes a sound, and it is slow
  • The heart rate reading does not show correct data

Our next three best shock absorption treadmills from Amazon today:

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4. Horizon Fitness T202 Advanced Treadmill

No products found.

Special features:

  • Attractive multi-screen LED system
  • 60″ running track
  • Budget-friendly
  • The comfort level is updated
  • 24 preset workout programs

The Horizon Fitness T202 treadmill is slightly low-performing than its earlier version; the new one has fewer workout programs than the previous S7, and the LED system worsens monitoring data.

But still, some features make it a good choice while looking for the best shock-absorbing treadmill.

To review, we look into the design, shock-absorbing capacity, cushioning, warranty, etc. It is noteworthy that a guide for user’s ready reference is also available for the preset programs.

Moreover, critical comparisons between the T202 treadmill and other Endurance series treadmills are also available.

iFit compatibility and having excellent stats, the T202 treadmill attracts many buyers to buy is in the budget.

Specifically, this helps athletes reach an intermediate level to attain higher fitness levels.

60″ track makes it a good choice if you are suffering from knee aches, and you can incline up to 12% and is backed by a powerful motor of 2.75 HP.

In short, there are several benefits to training on this equipment.

While you can choose from 24 in-built workouts, you can buy an iFit subscription for less than $10 a month.

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  • The maximum speed can be set to 12 mph
  • Featured with updated console
  • The running deck is large and comfortable
  • Weight capacity is 250lbs,
  • A bit noisy
  • iFit compatible
  • Speeds up easily


  • iFit subscription fees needed

5. Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA Space Saving Treadmill

No products found.

Sunny Health & Fitness is one of the best treadmill brands for home use, and this treadmill from them has a safe design. It absorbs your tread with the shock-absorption deck and keeps you safe from hurting your knees and lower body. Furthermore, the floor stabilizer will allow you to run intensely on it for up to 229 lbs, making it the best treadmill for shock absorption.

You don’t worry about your safety while running on it because there is an emergency stop clip-on board. It lets you stop the motor immediately if the speed gets too much. Furthermore, you can also adjust the speed with the included digital speed controller buttons on board.

On top of that, you can easily track your speed, time, distance, and calorie burning with the digital monitor. If you’re worried about the performance, this treadmill gets you a speed from 0.6 mph to 8 mph with its 2.5 HP motor. You can use it while enjoying music on its speaker and store it easily with its low-profile foldable design in a small space.

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  • Impressive shock absorbers feature and floor stabilizer design
  • Low-profile, simple, and folding, yet a robust structure
  • Digital monitor and buttons for fitness tracking and control
  • Emergency stop button for safe use
  • Included media port with speaker system


  • The steel frame may seem heavy
  • It doesn’t have any incline mode

6. Advenor Treadmill Motorized 2.5 HP Electric Running Machine

No products found.

This running machine from Advenor is one of the best mid-range shock absorption treadmills, packed with impressive features. The main thing about it is the 2.5 HP motor driver in this range. It can get you up to 1-13 km/h of speed and has a quick stop strap. Yet, the motor is quiet and noise-free, thanks to the high-end drive shaft and the treadmill shock absorption design.

Its multi-layer textured running belt and shock-absorbing mechanism will save you from impacts and stay quiet. Using the manual inclination design, yIn addition, you can use it in inclined mode, getting you up to 4.5% of elevation. It is easy to control its 36 running programs and speed with the front control panel under the digital monitors.

You will get a live update of your heart rate from the pulse sensor on the monitor, along with the speed, time, calories, and distance. Furthermore, its foldable compact design will surely impress you more with the soft-drop mechanism. Plus, the transportation wheel and upright foldability will free you from movement.

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  • 2.5 HP motor in mid-range with decent speed
  • Multi-layer running deck with shock-absorbent design
  • Manual inclination up to 4.5% elevation
  • Pulse sensor with speed, time, calorie, and distance monitoring
  • 3 user-defined and 36 automated programs


  • 220 lbs weight capacity
  • It doesn’t have a media jack and speaker

7. Echanfit Treadmill Folding Electric Motorized Running Machine

No products found.

This one from Echanfit has several features that make it an excellent home treadmill for running. First, its 17″ wide treadmill belt has multiple insulation layers with maximum treadmill shock absorption capability. On top of that, you can run on the belt at up to 8.5 mph speed because of the powerful yet quiet motor.

It monitors your real-time heart rate, speed, time, calorie, and distance and takes up to 220 lbs of weight. You can watch the data on the included digital screen and control everything with the controller in front. The controller has 12 preset programs, different modes, and a quick stopper clip for safety.

You can run on it at different angles by manually adjusting the slop controller at the back. It has three adjustment angles up to 3° of inclination with fast running and jogging. Storing, moving, or handling this treadmill is super easy with its automated landing mechanism and included wheels underneath.

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  • Higher 8.5 mph speed for intense running
  • 12 workout presets and manual adjustment
  • 17″ wide tread with multi-layer shock absorption design
  • 3° Manual inclination and auto-landing mechanism
  • Pulse sensor with live monitoring and controller


  • Handle rail is relatively short
  • No speaker or workout fan

8. Funmily Electric Folding Treadmill for Home Workout

No products found.

The Funmily is a top-rated treadmill with an ultra-quiet and treadmill shock-absorption design to protect you from hurting your knees. Although its 1.5 HP motor gets you a decent speed of 6 MPH, the treadmill makes only 60dB noise. Besides, it can take up to 220 lbs of weight and help you work out with many variations.

With this folding treadmill, you’ll get 12 preset programs to work out with different goals, and the monitor will get you the readings. Yes, the pulse sensor gives you a digital display to monitor your time, speed, calorie, distance, and live heart rate. Furthermore, an emergency stopper band is right under the control panel to control your programs and functions.

Moving and storing is a breeze for this treadmill if you want to save space. It takes only 2 feet of space after folding it, and it can sit under a sofa or bed just fine. Besides, it has wheels underneath for moving and has a dedicated lube hole that needs lubrication only once a month.

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  • Only 65 dB of noise while running at six mph
  • 12 presets and a dedicated pulse monitor on the handles
  • Foldable under a sofa or bed and needs only 2 feet of space
  • Digital monitor with control panel for fitness tracking
  • The built-in inclination of 5° for effective stride


  • 1.5 HP motor
  • No media or speaker system

9. BiFanuo 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill Smart Walking Running Machine

No products found.

This 2-in-1 treadmill from BiFanuo is a package of convenience, effective workout, and smart control. You can fold it flat and still use it without the control panel in front of you. Moreover, it features a remote controller to get you smarter wireless control over the treadmill.

Furthermore, the treadmill has an LED display to control it uprightly. The 2.25 HP powerful motor gives it 6.5 mph for both walking and running modes. However, it’s tranquil, making only 60 dB of noise, thanks to the treadmill shock absorption 5-layer deck design.

Alongside minimizing the impact, you’ll also get built-in speakers to enjoy music while running on it. In addition, you can track calories, time, speed, and distance on the screen for an effective workout and operate with the control panel. On top of that, you get an emergency stopper band that helps you immediately stop the treadmill.

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  • 2-in-1 design for both upright and folded usage
  • It has compact yet powerful functionality for a workout
  • It makes less noise only at 60 dB
  • It has a Bluetooth controller design
  • Shock absorber and impact minimizer


  • The maximum speed is 6.5 mph
  • The tracking monitor is on the deck

Why Should You Buy Shock Absorption Treadmills?

There is no doubt that a treadmill is good for losing weight; it helps with burning fat and building muscles. However, a shock absorption treadmill gets the charm to a new height from different aspects. Here is why you should buy the best shock absorption treadmill over a regular treadmill that doesn’t have the feature:

Why Should You Buy a Shock Absorbing Treadmill

Reducing Treadmill Shock:

Shock absorption treadmills do research and testing to reduce the shock while running. It comes in handy when you run at high speed and cannot control how hard you’re putting your foot. It absorbs the shock from the feet to the treadmill and protects it from wearing. The belt contains multiple layers to reduce shock, and there are treadmill shock absorber pads to protect your feet and increase the lifespan of the treadmill. Hence, the shock absorber feature gives better workouts for overweight beginners starting a journey.

Read More: Best Cushioned Treadmills in 2022

Minimizing Bone Impact:

The most important reason for getting a shock absorption treadmill is the minimized impact on your bones. Running might be a dream for you if you’re suffering from ankle, knee, or back pain. However, the mechanism in then shock absorption treadmills helps you run for a long time without getting hurt. The mechanism will absorb the impact and not get your affected organs shocked anymore. No more holding back from running and proper cardio only because you impact your bones.

Less Noise While Running:

Using shock absorption treadmills at home is good for your health, but that’s not the same for the other family members. If it makes noise, that will annoy the others, especially while others are sleeping. The shock absorption treadmills reduce the noise by minimizing the impact on the floor and the thread itself. So if you have other family members living with you, you must get a shock absorption feature treadmill.

Longer and Safer Run:

Running for 30-60 minutes is necessary for a better result from the treadmill; you cannot run that long if it hurts. However, as you can run without any impact on a shock absorption system, there is a good chance you can run longer. Running for long isn’t the only benefit; it also helps you stay safer during the run. In addition, it can help you burn more calories more effectively and get you to the goal in time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some questions that people frequently ask about treadmills; I’ll answer them as you might have the same query:

Is Treadmill a Good Workout option?

Yes, running on a treadmill is one of the most effective ways to burn fat and lose weight. Moreover, it’s the most useful option among cardio workouts with better weight loss capabilities.

Is it Okay to Do the Treadmill every day?

In the beginning, it’s better to take breaks between sessions; but once you get familiar, it’s no problem. You can do the treadmill every day with 30 to 60 minutes sessions.

Should a Treadmill Be on a Mat?

It’s not mandatory to set a treadmill on a mat, but it’s better to put it on a mat, and that should be a rubber mat. It will reduce the impact and keep the treadmill firm in its place.

Will a Treadmill Damage My Floor?

Treadmills are usually heavy and have legs underneath, damaging a wooden or veneer floor. Therefore, using a rubber mat can help you big time in keeping it safe and secure.

Final Verdict

Getting the best shock absorption treadmill is a necessary yet important job you must pull carefully. It has to be feature-centric alongside being user-friendly and shock absorber capability.

I hope this article helps you find the Best Shock Absorbing Treadmills. There are many different brands and models to choose from, but you must know your needs before purchasing. So check out our top picks!

If you still need help deciding which one is right for you, be sure to reach out, and we’ll do our best to help!

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