9 Fast Weight Loss Exercises Without Equipment At Home

A woman is doing push-ups one of the Fast Weight Loss Exercises Without Equipment

Trying to lose weight can seem like an impossible task. Fast weight loss exercises are challenging to find, especially if you don’t have any equipment at home. If you’re looking for a way to get into shape without going to the gym or buying expensive exercise equipment, read this blog post! I’ll show you how easy it is to burn calories and lose weight with these three simple workouts that require no equipment other than your body.

If you are looking for Fast Weight Loss Exercises Without Equipment At Home, look no further. These exercises can be done in the comfort of your home without any equipment at all!

If you want to increase the intensity, grab a chair or buy some weights! The three quick weight loss workouts that follow use only bodyweight and will have you burning calories quickly.

They’re also simple enough to do on days when you might not feel like exercising but know it’s important to squeeze it into your schedule (aka mommy’s brain). Do each workout below once per day with 24-48 hours between sessions; repeat daily until satisfied with results.


9 Best Freehand Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

You’ll be amazed by how fast these routines work, even if they take up very little of your time. It’s a win-win that you can’t afford to miss!


The first Fast Weight Loss Exercise is the basic push-up, which costs nothing and only requires your body weight as resistance.

To do this exercise correctly, sit on the floor with legs extended out in front of you and hands placed directly underneath shoulders so they are parallel.

A woman doing push ups

Now lower yourself down until elbows are bent at about 90 degrees. Don’t let them go any further because it will hurt your rotator cuffs if done incorrectly for too long or frequently (which these exercises don’t require).

Push back up into starting position while squeezing shoulder blades tightly through the entire motion without locking out arms when finished; repeat quickly but with perfect form.

Try to do at least 20 reps for the best results!

Jump Squats

For this Fast Weight Loss Exercise, you need no equipment but your body weight and a little space in front of you. This exercise is excellent because it requires minimal time commitment yet burns tons of calories through anaerobic means (without oxygen). The jump squat will get your heart pumping fast while working for nearly every muscle group in your body.

First, stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hands-on-hips; push hips back until knees are bent about 90 degrees, or thighs are parallel to the ground if that’s too challenging initially – don’t worry about dropping way down into squats just yet since you’ll be using your body weight.

A person doing squats

Now jump up while simultaneously extending arms and legs, so you become airborne; land softly in starting position with knees bent at 90 degrees and repeated quickly for 20 seconds (about six jumps). This exercise is excellent because it works the calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and more all at once!

Single-Leg Burpees

This Fast Weight Loss Exercise requires some space – but not much else besides a chair or wall that can support your back. If you’ve never done burpees before: they’re excellent full-body workouts that require little time commitment to get results fast.

To do this exercise, stand with hands-on-hips; lift one leg off the ground to balance yourself (or use a wall or chair for support). Maintain your stability as you bend down towards the floor while keeping the lifted leg out in front of you at about hip level.

You can either try to touch both toes if already very flexible or go as far as possible without losing form – it’s more important not to let the right/left knee collapse inward here than how low you can get. Next, press into heels firmly, ensuring they stay close together throughout the entire movement, so glutes activate correctly. Finally, keep the core tight by pulling the belly button toward the spine and pushing the butt back slightly until the body is straight from head to heel.

Now jump up off the floor and switch legs in midair. You land with the opposite leg lifted into a lunge position; continue alternating as quickly as possible for 60 seconds without rest to obtain maximum results from this exercise. You’ll notice that your calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes (and more) will burn intensely after 20 reps!


This Exercise is a classic that has been around for ages. All you need to do this exercise correctly is a little space in front of your TV and about five minutes to spare each day!

A person running to Fast Weight Loss Exercises Without Equipment at home

To get started with running in place, begin by standing tall with arms at sides; keep abdominals engaged throughout so core stays tight while performing three sets of 20 reps – or as many as you can handle pain-free within 60 seconds should be good enough for results without sacrificing stability.

This will work for virtually every muscle group from head to toe. Still, the calves (otherwise known as high-intensity interval training) increase caloric expenditure like crazy because it’s anaerobic (cardio).


Swimming is by far the best workout on this list because it’s non-impact and works for every muscle group in your body.

To begin, jump into a pool or open water with feet shoulder-width apart; then move arms forward for one stroke while rotating hips to bring them under you as much as possible without raising too high out of the water (keeping legs mostly underwater).

Swimming is a good exercise for losing weight fast

The key here is to keep the core engaged throughout from head to toe so abs can’t rest – if they do, try using a kickboard or noodle until you get used to not having an aid! Then, keep moving frontwards through three sets of 20 reps for 60 seconds; each should be good enough results pain-free within that timeframe.

This exercise is excellent for burning calories and improving your swimming technique which should be a good enough reason to give it a shot!

Skipping Exercise

This Fast Weight Loss Exercise is the easiest to do because it can be done almost anywhere. All you need is a little open space, your shoes off (or on), and an old rope or jump rope that isn’t too long – if so, fold over until comfortable for use at home!

A woman is doing skipping exercise

To get started with skipping in place without equipment: make sure feet are shoulder-width apart while keeping arms down by sides of the upper body; then take three sets of 20 reps within 60 seconds no matter what without rest until results begin to show up.

This exercise works for every muscle group from head to toe but primarily legs, including calves again, meaning faster weight loss than ever when done correctly pain-free within this timeframe!

Squats (knee bends)

Squats are probably the most intense exercise on this list, so if you’re not ready to try it yet, stick with one of the previous exercises until you are.

To begin squats without equipment, stand tall with feet hip-width apart and arms straight out in front of the upper body at shoulder height; now drop hips down as low as possible by pushing the butt back slightly while bending knees forward – lower only far enough that thighs are parallel or just below before pressing into heels firmly again to return to a standing position.


It’s important not to let knees bow inward here because doing so can lead to injury fast! Next, keep core engaged throughout from head-to-toe for three sets of 20 reps within 60 seconds should be good enough results pain-free for this one!

This exercise works almost every muscle group from head to toe, including calves, with a little more emphasis on quads and glutes.

Push-ups with feet elevated

This is probably the easiest of all exercises to complete successfully within 60 seconds. All you need is a wall or hard surface that’s about waist height so it can be used as an aid rather than two hands instead – if not, place hands directly on the floor where they’re comfortable enough to use no matter what without pain.

To get started here: make sure palms are below shoulders while fingers point forward at shoulder width; now lower body down towards ground by bending elbows outwards until chest nearly touches the ground before pressing back up to starting position once again – arms should be straight throughout this one!

Next, keep the core engaged from head to toe for three sets of 20 reps within 60 seconds no matter what since it’s that simple pain-free.

This exercise is excellent for burning calories and strengthening shoulders, chest, triceps (back of upper arm), abs, etc., all at once, making it another perfect option here on this list!


An upper body complex pulling exercise is used to build the upper part of the body.

To get started with pull-ups: find a bar to hang from that’s about chest height; then keep arms extended and palms facing away while shifting weight onto the heels of hands before pulling the body up towards the bar until chin is above it – try not to swing or kick legs around here.

A guy doing pull ups at home

Next, slowly lower back down by bending elbows outwards in front again without letting them drop below shoulders for three sets of 20 reps within 60 seconds no matter what since this one’s intense pain-free!

This exercise works almost every muscle group from head to toe because it involves moving limbs against gravity which requires stabilization throughout core muscles. This means results fast when done correctly!

Things you should know before doing any Exercise

Choice of Food

Exercise is necessary for quick weight loss but knowing what to eat and when can be just as important, if not more so than the exercise itself. For example, eating a well-balanced diet consisting of lean proteins and healthy carbohydrates is essential for weight loss, so it’s important to know what each is before choosing food.

Adequate Rest

To achieve quick weight loss successfully, it’s essential to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. That way, the body has time for muscle recovery and fat burning without interfering with either process since both require energy, just like exercise!

Proper Exercise Form

Even though this list contains only three exercises that can be done at home without equipment in less than an hour, they should still be performed correctly if they’re ever needed again later on down the road. So before attempting any workout routines or exercises mentioned here today: make sure you take your time learning proper form first, so there are no injuries – doing so is always better safe than sorry when trying anything new until proven otherwise by yourself through research beforehand!

Giving your 100%

You must push yourself in every exercise you undertake and give it yours throughout. That means breaking a sweat, feeling your heart rate increase, and overall pushing yourself past the point of comfort to make quick weight loss happen as fast as possible with exercise!

Enjoying your workout

Finally, the most crucial part of all is to enjoy yourself while exercising! After all, if you don’t have fun doing it, why bother? So remember this: always do what’s best for your happiness first.

That way, no one can ever stop you from achieving quick weight loss results at home fast and pain-free with exercise – not even yourself 🙂

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