How Does a Twin Gear Juicer Work?

How Does a Twin Gear Juicer Work, Learn

A Twin Gear Juicer is a relatively new kind of masticating juicer that produces very little heat. This means the nutrients in your vegetables and fruits can stay intact which results in a juice that is extremely healthy for you. A twin gear juicer is also called a low-speed, cold press, or slow juicer.

The way this machine works is by first transferring pulp into an intermediate material like plastic bags, then from there being transferred to a compost bin. The juice goes through some strainers, then it gets processed in another bin which separates the juice from any lingering stragglers (like wet pulp).

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Various Parts of the Twin Gear Juicer

Various parts of this process may differ depending on the brand and model but all models have at least two main components:

  • A hopper that holds the fruit/vegetables and produces a pulp.
  • A juicing mechanism with a strainer that can separate the juice from any leftover dry remains.

Make Quality Juices with Twin Gear Juicers

How Does A Twin Gear Juicer Work?

Twin Gear Juicers use what’s called Extrusion Force Technology which means they crush rather than slice through vegetable matter as other juicers do. They also use Safety Locking Lugs on the machine which retracts as soon as you start masticating so there are zero risks of injury or broken parts. Most twin gear models come with an instructional DVD (or video) for beginners who are just getting started in using kitchen appliances like this one, if you have a hard time understanding certain terms used here (like “cold-pressed”) and you’re concerned about understanding a twin gear juicer’s parts and mechanics, please don’t hesitate to review the DVD.

Factors Make Twin Gear Juicers so Popular

The main factor that makes twin gear juicers so popular is their ability to produce very healthy juices without losing any nutritional value like other juice extraction methods do (like centrifugal juicers). And not just a few microns less, but 40% more vitamins and minerals can be found in the juice from this kind of machine than with other types.

Juice Quality

Juices produced by twin gear juicers are smooth and rich because they run at a masticating speed of 80rpm. This allows juices to be extracted with almost zero oxidation or separation, which means the juice you get will have very few air bubbles in it (or none at all). Most of them come with an auto pulp-ejection feature which allows any leftover dry pulp to be cleaned out once the machine is done juicing.

Noise Factor

Twin Gear Juicers are very quiet, some of them can even be used while others around you sleep! The most common noise comes from the squeezing mechanism which crushes and/or grinds as it operates. Other than that, they are virtually silent. Juice Quality Juice produced by Twin Gear Juicers is rich in vitamins and nutrients because there is no heating involved so most of your fruit or vegetable’s natural goodness will stay intact till the end. The juicing parts have a coating that prevents oxidation (which causes juice to turn brown).

Damage/Breakage Risk

Due to the way Twin Gear Juicer works, there’s minimal risk of your vegetables or fruits getting damaged during processing. Sometimes if you don’t cut your vegetables up small enough, chunks may get stuck in between spinning gears but this isn’t too common. You must chop all vegetables up small to ensure the pulp is broken down effectively.

Dimensions and Mobility

Since they are called “Twin Gear” Juicers, it’s no surprise that their main feature is two gears that do all of the work. This allows them to produce more juice in a shorter amount of time. Their small size (which usually aren’t bigger than 30 inches from top to bottom) makes it easy for anyone to move them around and store them easily when not in use. Some models are even counter-top friendly so you can keep it right beside your kitchen sink! Because there is always a good bit of moisture with juicing residue attached, most twin gear juicers come with an included cleaning brush/basket which helps to keep the inner parts bed-sheet dry between uses.

How Do You Use a Twin Gear Juicer?

You have to be extra careful when using these juicers because they work by crushing rather than slicing and if you try to force anything (like an unpeeled carrot) through, it can get stuck inside the gears. The best way to do it is by hooking up your produce into the feeding chute from the top down, making sure that all vegetables are cut small enough so nothing gets caught in between gears for too long. After you push everything through, you’ll get your juice straight into a glass container that comes with each model. Some models come with a pouring spout while some others come without one but don’t worry, a juice pitcher or glass works just as well.

Use a Twin Gear Juicer to make Healthy Juices

This is a good place to mention that if you plan on juicing large amounts of produce at a time, make sure your container is big enough so the juice isn’t overfilled when it comes out. Measure in advance and create a level line to avoid accidents! And by accidents, we mean spilled juices all over the counter…

How Much Juice Will You Get?

It depends on how much produce you feed into your machine but generally, most twin gear models can extract up to 16 oz per session which should be enough for one person. After every use, the pulp basket should be emptied and cleaned very well with running water before the next use. This helps prevent bacteria build-up from occurring inside the machine.

Why should you buy a Twin Gear Juicer?

You should consider buying a twin gear juicer if you are looking for-

Easy Process:

What makes this juicer different from other types of extractors is that it does not require any sort of preparation or waste removal like so in the case of centrifugal juicers and masticating. The machine does all this work itself. With its patented mechanism, there is no need to chop, cut or remove anything. All you need to do is put in your raw fruits and vegetables and let the juicer do its job.

No Prep Work:

The juicer demands very little pre-work so there is no need for you to cut, peel or chop the vegetables and fruits again and again. You have to put them into the chute from where they will come directly onto your glass.

Easy Access to Healthy Lifestyle:

Those who want a healthy lifestyle should invest in this juicer immediately as it gives you delicious juices without any added sugar or preservatives which are harmful to your body.

The convenience it Provides:

It can be easily stored anywhere in your kitchen because of its lightweight design and at the same time, it does not occupy much space, unlike other large juicers. Therefore, if you want an easy life then get this twin gear juicer today!

Easy to Use:

It is easy to operate which means that it can be controlled by anyone. So, if you want your kids to drink several glasses of juice every day then this is the right choice for you. It does not require any effort on your part and still gives you a variety of juices in one go.

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