Is Hurom a Good Brand?

Answering Is Hurom a Good Brand!

This question is common and natural since the Hurom brand has quite a good reputation nowadays. But before I’m going to answer it, I would like to remind you that “good” in translation means “better than average”, so we may say to answer your question, ‘Is Hurom a Good Brand?’ – yes!

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Hurom was founded as a kitchen appliance company and is the global leader in its field. Since 1974, Hurom has been committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle by using innovative appliances to make it easier for people to eat whole foods. Hurom has introduced the first juicer with dual-stage juice extraction and the first slow juicer.

Today Hurom offers a wide range of products that help people live healthier lives, such as whole fruit and veggie presses (slow masticating juicers), fruit and vegetable blenders, cold-press coffee makers, heated coatings for cooking tools, electric hot plates/woks, kitchen utensils/knives, and eco household cleaners. Hurom takes pride in offering high-quality products at affordable prices.

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The company’s global sales network consists of more than 35 subsidiaries worldwide. All Hurom products are manufactured according to applicable standards jointly established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Food & Drug Administration, USAFAC.

Due to its popularity in the US, Hurom opened its headquarters there (Schaumburg, Illinois) and two distribution centers in California (Fresno) and New Jersey (Edison). The company is also represented by an exclusive distributor network across North America.

All this gives us a legitimate reason to call it “a good brand”.


Let’s see what customers’ opinions are about Hurom Juicers:

Positive reviews from owners of various Hurom juicers constitute 60-70%. That is really great! They say that the product works well and makes delicious juice from any fruit or vegetable you can put into your juicer. Also, according to them, such a machine saves money, as it doesn’t cause the effect of transforming coins into cucumbers.

Hurom juicers feature a unique dual-stage juice extraction technology, which allows for separating the fiber from the juice. According to Hurom, the most important part of any fruit or vegetable is its fiber which contains all necessary nutrients and vitamins. The second stage offers perfect protection against clogging the filter with pulp by means of an adjustable mesh screen. In the end, you get a healthier juice and a longer-lasting juicer.

Those unhappy with their Hurom juicers complain about the very poor quality of construction. They say that they have to fix it every couple of months, which naturally costs money. In some cases, customers had to throw away the juicer altogether because it didn’t work anymore.

Inside the Box of a Hurom Juicer
Photo Credit: Hurom Juicer

What’s so special about Hurom Juicers?

They are compact, easy to use, and have a powerful motor. Hurom juicers feature a new generation of cold-pressed technology that allows maximum nutritional values from veggies and fruits at low temperatures (40℃).

Hurom slow juicers work more efficiently than centrifugal juicers: they produce a higher yield of juice compared with the same period of time required for other machines in the same class. They also have a vertical design that makes them occupy less space on your kitchen countertop or shelf than horizontal models.

Their patented auto cleaning function means you will never have to disassemble your machine – it does all the work for you! Simply add warm water into the pulp container and close its lid; after five minutes, your machine will be clean and ready to work again. Be aware that you need to run this process once a day.

The owners of Hurom juicers also appreciate their cleaning functions. All models have a convenient auto-cleaning function: simply pour warm water into the pulp container and close its lid; after 5 minutes, your machine will be clean and ready for another round! Those who use centrifugal/masticating juicers say that their biggest challenge is cleaning them correctly – in most cases, it’s really a pain in the neck to disassemble these appliances. Hurom does all the work for you, so you don’t need any other device or appliance for cleaning!

The company’s website also points out other advantages:

It juices leafy greens and wheatgrass low in oxygen content; It provides more nutritious fruits and vegetables than other juicers due to a special soft matrix filter; No need for cleaning after every use – it has an auto-cleaning system; Juices are ready in 15 minutes.

Low Oxidation and High Nutrients

The biggest advantage of Hurom Slow Juicer is the low oxygen content in juices, which ensures you get higher nutrition. In other words, Hurom juicers make fresh juice with higher nutritional values than juices made by centrifugal and masticating juicers.

Nutritionists say that we should drink a glass of juice for breakfast and try to include at least one leafy green vegetable in our daily diet. The reasons are obvious: they contain fiber as well as many vitamins and minerals (beta-carotene, calcium, iron). Hurom slow juicers are so popular – they help us fulfill these healthy habits!

In addition to leafy greens such as spinach or kale, this technology allows getting all the nutritional values out of fruits and veggies with low oxygen content (for instance, carrots) or even wheatgrass. Hurom slow juicers don’t crush ingredients; they gently squeeze them to reduce their size without applying pressure, which is typical for centrifugal models. The end result is extremely nutritious juice packed with vitamins and minerals!

Hurom Juicers are Beautiful
Photo Credit: Hurom Juicer


If you are looking for a stylish slow juicer/cold press, look no further. Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer With 400 Watt Motor has a sleek stainless steel finish, which will fit any modern kitchen. Cold press juice extractors have a traditional “i” shape designed, but this particular model from Hurom has been described as a work of art by many of its owners. Matt’s finish and elegant design will fit in any kitchen.

It is a tall juicer that takes up a lot of space on your counter, but it’s worth having your Hurom slow juicer standing in the place of honor. Its big brother, Huromo HU-200 Slow Juicer, has the same design characteristics as its smaller version, so it’s perfect for bars and restaurants.

These cold press juice extractors look really nice. They are made of stainless steel, giving them an elegant look that matches any modern kitchen!

Fruits and veggies: just click and use! You don’t need to chop ingredients into small pieces because it does all the work for you – there is no friction and no heat involved. The vegetables and fruits are squeezed slowly so that all the juices and nutrients stay inside the ingredients, not in your juice!

The Hurom slow juicer is very easy to use: simply snap it on a cup with pulp and cover it with its lid. Then add ingredients one after another; when you finish adding fruits or vegetables, place its cover back on top, and press down gently on the ingredients to squeeze them out. The juice will be poured into your glass! You don’t need any other device for that.

If you haven’t made your choice yet, here are some recommendations on what type of Hurom juicer will suit you best.

Final Verdict: Is Hurom a good brand?

So, the answer to our question is – Is Hurom a good brand? – is “yes”. Hurom delivers what it promises, and such products deserve to be in every kitchen.

I hope you liked this article! Stay tuned for more interesting information on juicers and other appliances from the Hurom brand.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below! 😉 As always, thanks for staying with us! And please share our articles with your friends if you find them helpful! – The Kitchen Appliance Team.🙂

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