8 Juicing Tips for Beginners – A Comprehensive Guide to Juices

A Guide with Juicing Tips for Beginners

It’s been said that juicing is the best way to stay healthy and maintain a balanced diet. But with so many juicers out there, how do you know which one is right for you? I’m here to give some juicing tips for beginners!

In this blog post, we’ll talk about different juicers as well as juicing basics, benefits of juicing, and what type of fruit or vegetable juices are most popular.

Juice or Raw?

Drinking vegetables and fruits in juice form can be healthier than eating them raw. When juicing, you are extracting the juice from fruits and vegetables. This means that all of their vitamins, minerals, enzymes, plant fibers, water – everything! – is extracted into one easy drinkable form.

When juicing raw produce or drinking a blended smoothie for example, it still has fiber so your body can’t extract as many nutrients without chewing up food first.

In other words: juiced veggies have more nutritional value than whole ones because they’re easier to digest and absorb nutrients in.

Juicing or Eating Raw?

Types of Juicers

A juicer is a tool that can extract juice from fruits and vegetables. The most common types are centrifugal juicers, which spin the produce at high speed to separate out the liquid (juice). Another type of juicer is an auger juicer, where you feed produce into a chute in the top and it slowly squeezes them to get all their juices.

You might be wondering how this differs from other kitchen gadgets like blenders or food processors… Well, unlike these appliances, juicers are specifically made for extracting as much juice as possible with little waste left over. This means they’re more expensive than your average blender but also easier to clean since juicing doesn’t require the use of any heat which can damage nutrients.

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Benefits of Juicing

Juice is full of live enzymes, vitamins and minerals– all things our bodies need for optimum health! Juicers help you to get these benefits without juice oxidation or nutrient loss from cooking. Plus juicing helps your body better absorb other healthy foods through a process called ‘gut loading.’ It’s like getting an extra serving in every time you drink your favorite juice blend!

Fruit juices vs vegetable juices?

Some people might notice that when they drink fresh fruit juices their stomachs hurt after awhile because it has too many natural sugars (think sugar high!). Other times drinking pure fruit juice will leave them feeling hungry and craving sugar because it’s not supplying the body with enough nutrients. Vegetable juicing is a good way to combat this, and might also be more filling overall– so switching from fruit juicing to vegetable juicing is a great next step for beginners!

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Juicing Tips for Beginners

Now that you know what juicers are and the benefits of juicing, here’s a few juicing tips for beginners on how to get started with juicing:

1. Start Small

If you’re just starting out it might be best not to dive into juicing all at once. Stick with one or two juices per day (mixed in water) until your body becomes more accustomed to this new way of eating– then increase as desired.

2. Drink Juice Fresh

Juices will lose their nutrients over time so if possible drink them right after they’ve been made instead of storing them away for later. This also means sticking with cold pressed juicer types rather than centrifugal models which heat up produce before extracting its’ juices.

3. Don’t juice when you’re sick

There’s a lot of juicing benefits but juicing while your body is trying to recover from one illness won’t help you get better faster. This advice also applies if you have any food allergies or sensitivities– it might be best to choose another time in the future for juicing so that your stomach can properly heal and adjust before giving juices another try.

Juicing Tips to help you going along

4. Juicing is not for Weight Loss

Juicing for health and wellness purposes only. Juicing for weight loss might not be the best idea because juicing removes fiber which can leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied.

5. Read the Manual

Once you’ve found the right juicer for your home, it’s important to get familiar with the manual. Reading through the instructions will take some time (even if you are familiar with juicers), but it’s key in making sure that you understand how to use your machine.

6. Start with the Basic Recipes

Don’t feel overwhelmed by juicing. You don’t need to start with a complex juice recipe that you have never seen before– try starting off with recipes from beginner juicers! These are typically simpler and use only one or two ingredients, so it will be easier for your juicer to extract the juices without any complications.

7. Prepare your ingredients

Juicing is a quick and easy activity but it’s important that your juicer has the right ingredients. The juicer can’t extract juice from produce if they’re not peeled, so take this into consideration beforehand!

8. Watch out for pesky seeds

If you have never juiced before or are looking to make any adjustments in your juicing routine, pay attention to what recipes contain– some juices have small pieces of fruit which might include common allergens like citrus fruits with seed particles (which won’t be good for those with sensitivities). Choose other fruit/produce items instead whenever possible.

A glass of perfect juice could coem with a simple recipe

Bonus – Beginners’ Recipe

If you’re juicing for the first time, try this recipe:

  • fresh pineapple (peeled)
  • peeled cucumber
  • one lemon with peel removed and cut in half

This is a simple vegetable juice that will help detox your body so it’s great to start out with! You can also add some coconut water or apple cider vinegar if desired– both are good sources of potassium which helps balance electrolytes after a workout or on an empty stomach.

Ready for Juicing?

If this post has convinced you juicing is right for you then head over to my other blog posts on juicers, tips for beginners, and recipes for delicious healthy drinks today! And don’t worry… I’ve got more juicy content coming soon too 😉

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