Running on a Treadmill – Is the Treadmill Bad for Your Knees?

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There is no denying the fact that running is one of the best exercises for the body. It strengthens all major muscles, improves bone density and can be a great cardiovascular workout. But what about if you have bad knees? What if the treadmill is bad for your knees? Is running on a treadmill better than running outside? We explore this question in our blog post today!

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Impact of the Treadmill on Your Knees

Are you a runner or walker? If you have bad knees, your high impact strides will keep on compounding. The good news is that when it comes to running on the treadmill belt, this impact falls squarely onto our muscles and bones instead!

The next time you’re thinking about walking outside for fitness purposes or jogging around inside at home in order to burn off excess calories from holiday feasting season (ahem!), do some research first before using either option too heavily.

I really enjoy running on the treadmill since it’s a way to exercise indoors during those cold winter days. Jerry Snider, an Exercise Physiologist from Ohio University says that most runners tend to run with their toes hitting first rather than landing on their mid-foot as they should be doing so. It is important when you are using a cardio machine like this one for instance that your foot lands properly in order not put too much pressure and weight onto them; especially if you’re going long distances at high speeds!

People can sometimes get sore or tired feet after being inactive all of day but luckily there are some easy things we can do now before our workout session begins which will help alleviate any pain while also helping us keep up motivation levels throughout the workout.

Benefits of Treadmill Running


The first benefit is that by running on a treadmill, you can control how much resistance you create. This means if running outside in places like an urban environment or at high altitude makes your knee hurt more then it will be easier to control the intensity of your workout.

Not to depend on weather condition

The second benefit is that running on a treadmill means you’ll be able to run in any weather condition, even if it’s dark and raining outside! You can’t do this by going for a jog around town or at the park. So, if it’s necessary for your knee condition to keep doing the jogging, you can continue irrespective to the weather conditions.


Running on a treadmill also provides an opportunity to get some light exercise and get your blood pumping without having to go outside. Unlike going for a run, you can watch your favorite movie before or after your workout!

Good for Slow Runner

Another benefit of running on the treadmill is that it’s slower than being outdoors so this may be helpful if you’re not as fast of a runner. This means that people with knee pain can have the control over the speed the run.

Bad Knee

Using a Treadmill has been shown to be beneficial for those with certain knee conditions such as arthritis. So, if you’re recovering from injury or perhaps just starting out running on the treadmill is a good idea!

Disadvantages of Treadmill Running

Now that we’ve looked at some of the benefits of using a treadmill, here are somethings to consider before deciding whether or not it’s a good choice for you:

It’s important to understand how running form on a treadmill is different from the ground. When you run on treadmills, it can cause more impact damage on your knees than if you were running outside in some cases!

Things to consider with a Bad Knee

If your stride length becomes too long while using the machine, this might be why there are so many side effects of wearing out shoes and hurting knees or heels faster when people use them for workouts. To avoid these problems altogether, try adjusting your speed and making sure that all runners keep their strides shorter while they’re working out with the most appropriate treadmill for your knee.

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For most people, walking or running outside is better because it’s less likely to cause knee pain. Running on a treadmill can be hard on your knees if you have bad joints and using the machine can change how you run which might lead to injuries or other side effects like wearing out shoes faster. For this reason alone, many runners are choosing to go outdoors for their workouts instead of staying in with machines that make them run differently than they would otherwise.

A lot of people love training indoors even though there are some cons! Whether or not these machines will help someone avoid any kind of injury depends entirely upon what type of runner they are- but remember: going back and forth between an outdoor workout and one inside isn’t terrible either way as long as you’re not overdoing it.

Treadmill Belt & Cushioning

Treadmill belt and cushioning are two important factors when you have a bad knee and are planning for a treadmill. There are lots of Treadmills in the market with larger treadmill belt and extra cushioning to ease your knee pain.

The Debate

This is a debate that has been going on for years and there are plenty of people who will be happy to tell you which method they think is best. Running on a treadmill or outside generate different pros and cons.

Treadmill Running for Bad Knees

Running exclusively on a treadmill is limited in the sense that you have to maintain speed through intervals of walking, which requires constant monitoring. Outside, though, it is more comfortable for your knees and joints if you need to stop running periodically (such as at a pedestrian crosswalk).

Try to follow these pro tips while working on a Treadmill:

Walking or Running on a Treadmill

The idea of a treadmill workout may seem like it’s the worst thing that could happen to your knees, but there are actually some really simple ways you can work out without hurting yourself.

If you want to get good at running on this machine and feel smart every time you do so, take things slow with walking sessions until your stride is working properly again. To gradually understand what feels natural when striking through each step for an even more healthy experience while exercising in general, try practicing heel-to hands instead as often as possible!

Posture Matters

As a Chicago-based fitness instructor, Katie Dunlop says most people struggle with running on the treadmill because they are not practicing proper posture.

The best way to prevent injury is by trying your best not to cave into the temptation of watching TV while you run or focusing on other things around you like making occasional eye contact with passersby (#nojudgement).

If you do this correctly then chances are slim that one will be tuned-in enough for their stomach, arms, back etcetera which leads her recommendation: “Keep your core engaged; shoulders pulled down away from ears (taller spine); and practice good posture.”

Cross-Training is the key

For runners, it’s important to balance running with other types of treadmill workouts as too many runners ramp up their distances and pace before they are prepared for all that vigor.

Go slow to help knee pain

The best way to train on a treadmill is by running slowly for long periods of time. This will help you find your natural stride and avoid knee issues, while also making the experience more enjoyable with distractions reduced or eliminated altogether.

Treadmill Running for Bad Knees

Walking or jogging at a slow pace without keeping an eye out can be dangerous but it may make for better results in terms of finding your perfect rhythm when training.

Never underestimate the power of running shoes

If you’re looking for a shoe that is specifically designed to reduce the impact on your knees, ask an expert at your favorite running store. They can analyze how your stride impacts different parts of the body and recommend shoes accordingly while also teaching you exercises or modifications so it feels less uncomfortable when going about daily activities like walking around town.

Always make sure to keep in mind proper form because if done incorrectly it could lead to injury down the line! Talk with others who do this professionally as well- these trained professionals have years worth of experience without having any issues themselves which means they know what works best. So next time you go shopping for new trainers don’t forget these helpful tips before trying them out – maybe even take one home today and see!

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