Considerations for a Treadmill for Garage: A Guide to Selecting the Right One

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Is it OK to put a treadmill in the garage? Yes, it is possible!

And you don’t have to worry about your home’s decor wasting space for the fitness equipment.

If you like to exercise in the privacy of your own home but don’t have enough space, then a treadmill can be just what you need. But not all treadmills are created equal – there are many factors to consider when selecting one.

Suppose you don’t have an open space at home and need a treadmill for an unheated garage to save space at your home. Treadmill manufacturers strongly advise that you choose a treadmill that is resistant to cold. Some treadmills are designed for use in the winter, so check this when shopping around.

In this post, we’ll review the important considerations and provide some great choices people opt for in treadmills that will fit perfectly into your garage or spare bedroom.

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Treadmill for Garage Considerations

It would help to consider these factors before selecting one treadmill over another, which you won’t use in the fresh air, rather in a humid area like the garage or hall closet.

Space Requirements

You need to measure the space where you want your treadmill and make sure it’s big enough for fitness equipment with all the features you are looking for. A treadmill can take up as much room as an elliptical machine, so plan accordingly! You’ll also want to leave some extra room on either side of the treadmill in case you move while wearing running shoes or walking barefoot (you don’t want to trip!).

If this is going into a bedroom, then be aware that most manufacturers recommend not using their products if there are less than four feet between the end of the bed and the equipment – just in case someone rolls off accidentally while trying to flip side. But, again, be sure to check the manual for your specific treadmill’s requirements.

Person Setting Up a Treadmill in the Garage

Treadmill Footprint

The treadmill’s footprint is a critical consideration. If you have the space, then there are many more options available to you, but if your treadmill has to fit into an already tight garage or spare bedroom, it will be much harder to find something that fits perfectly to save precious space inside. A good rule of thumb is that each pound of weight and inch in width takes up about 20 square inches on the floor – so consider what size treadmill would work best with the space you plan on using before making any final decisions.

Treadmill Belt

The belt should also be considered when looking for one specifically designed treadmill in the garage because they can vary greatly from model to model. Obviously, longer belts provide greater room for movement and are better for walking and jogging. But treadmill belts can also vary in width, which is important to consider because the wider they are, the less pressure you’ll put on your joints as you move up and down (which makes them more comfortable).

Incline Function

You should thoughtfully select a treadmill’s incline capability if it has one that offers variable options. For those looking to increase their workout intensity with a treadmill or burn more calories while exercising, this feature will provide an increased calorie-burning potential without increasing speed – perfect!

Exclusive Features you Want in a Garage Treadmill

Some treadmills have a built-in fan or speakers, and others have an LCD screen so that you can watch while exercising, and some even come with a tablet holder (for reading books or watching movies). If any of these features are important to you, make sure they are available on the treadmill models that interest you – otherwise, it may be better to look at other options.

For Cooler Environment in the Garage with Not Enough Space

When treadmill shopping, you should definitely consider a treadmill for the unheated garage if you want to keep your body cool during use. These machines are notorious for their heat and humidity generation, especially in a humid area like the garage or a hall closet – it’s just how they operate! If that makes you uncomfortable in warmer climates or during summer months when you’d like to get some exercise outside quickly, then think about investing in a treadmill designed for cooler conditions.

It would be best to consider using a treadmill cover and a treadmill mat for a cooler garage.

Garage with Extreme Heat Under Direct Sun

You should also consider fitness equipment for the garage if it is located with extreme heat under direct sunlight and is not climate controlled.

A treadmill designed specifically for use outside will handle more of the elements and keep you safe – like dust or water will not adversely affect the belt and has an anti-slip surface that won’t cause injuries even when used during inclement weather conditions. So when shopping around, make sure all of these features are available before making your final purchase decision!

Running on a Treadmill in the garage

Workout Programs

The benefits of treadmill workout programs include convenience along with the ability to customize your treadmill workout. Find a treadmill with the type of programs you want, and then use them as much or as little as you like (to best suit your needs).

Treadmill Style

There are three basic treadmill styles: folding frame, fixed frame (rigid), and walking belt suspension style. A folding treadmill folds away into more compact space when not used, whereas most fixed-frame treadmills stand proud of the floor. A treadmill with suspension style has a treadmill belt that moves independently from the frame, so you have no direct impact on it as you run or walk – which can be beneficial for those who are more serious about their treadmill workouts and want to increase their chances of injury if they fall off.

Folding Frame Treadmills

A folding treadmill is perfect for saving space in the garage when not in use because they fold up into a much smaller footprint than other types (furthermore, some even come with wheels) – but this means there will usually be extra moving parts that may break down over time such as hinges, rollers, etc., which increases maintenance requirements and your risk of tripping over them if they stick out past the treadmill bed.

Fixed Frame vs. Walking Belt Suspension Style Treadmills

A fixed-frame treadmill is less expensive than those a walking belt suspension style. Still, they are often bulkier and can be more difficult to move if your space requirements change – which makes them a poor choice for anyone who wants the flexibility of moving their treadmill around or going on multi-purpose home gym equipment that can adapt as needed.

A garage treadmill with a walking belt suspension style provides you with an exceptionally smooth workout surface by keeping the treadmill belt level at all times (even when running uphill), so there’s no bouncing up and down while exercising like some cheaper models have been known to do. However, these treadmills typically come at a higher price tag than treadmill models with a fixed-frame treadmill, which is why they may not be the best choice for those who have limited space or are on a budget.

Final Thoughts

No one treadmill fits all needs – but there are plenty of options available to accommodate just about any fitness level and personal preference out there (from folding frame treadmills to walking belt suspension style). So consider your unique situation before deciding what type you need to make sure you find the perfect treadmill fit your garage for more space home!

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