When Was the First Citrus Juicer Invented?

When Was the First Citrus Juicer Invented answered

Citrus juicers are very popular appliances that are used to extract the juice from citrus fruits. These juicers have been around for a long time and there are many different types available on the market.

There is no denying that the first citrus juicer was invented in 1945. It was used around New York City then, especially in hotels & restaurants for business purposes only.

Since then, there have been many different types of Citrus juicers invented. Some are electric and some are manual. There are also different sizes and shapes available. Some Citrus juicers are designed specifically for oranges, while others can be used for all types of citrus fruit.

Citrus juicers are a great way to get your daily dose of Vitamin C. They are also a great way to make juice for your family and friends. If you are looking for a new appliance to add to your kitchen, then a Citrus juicer is a great option.


Which are Citrus fruits?

There are various types of Citrus fruits in the fruit world. Some are popular to make juice from them, such as grapefruit, oranges, lemons, tangerines, limes, etc.  They are often found in flowering bushes & trees. They have firm rings with white marrow in their juicy parts.

What is a Citrus juicer?

In a word, a Citrus juicer is a kitchen tool. It is used for extracting juices from citrus fruits and vegetables.

We often see two types of citrus juicers. Manual is one of them, and the other is electrical. There are also various types of electrical juicer in an electrical juicer, such as hydraulic press juicer, steam juicer, masticating juicer, centrifugal juicer, twin gear juicer, cold press juicer, etc.

Like their names, they are different in their features. But there is one thing in common & that is, they all extract juice from citrus fruits.

Yes, it is true that they have differences in their working process & inventing time. However, in the chronicle of the time, companies have produced different types of citrus juicer to fulfill man’s desire for citrus juices.

Here we will see the evolution of citrus juicers…

It is hard to say When Was the First Citrus Juicer Invented

A brief history of citrus juicer

The history of drinking juice from fruits by human beings has come from the very beginning of the earth. But the juicing process was unknown to us then. The then people used to extract juice from fruits in different improvised ways day by day.

At last, in the 20th-century, people got their cherished juicer. But the journey was not so easy from the pre-juicing era to the latest time. Instead, it was eventful.

Nowadays, no fruits and vegetables have been exempted from juicing. We will look at a glance at the fact juicing in various periods.

Pre-juicing era

Scientists got evidence of juicing process from 70 AD. In the then society, they found the use of pestle & mortar for extracting juice from fruits like pomegranates & figs. Sometimes they used to put herbs to change the taste of juice.

As it has made the way easy to drink juice in ancient time, afterward people made improvisation of the juicer for its usage both in home & hotel & restaurants. Let us see…

Hydraulic press juicers

The first juicer the human race saw was Norwalk hydraulic press juicer. As Norman walker invented it, it was named after him. He designed it in 1930. It got popularity just after its invention.

Mr. Norwalk later published a book called “Raw vegetable juices.” Here he shows his juicing process. It is still one of the best methods of juicing.

It has some excellent features. It’s easy to clean & store for up to 6 months at a frozen temperature. It extracts the juices from the fruits and vegetables. It is simple & user-friendly.

Citrus juicers

As we already said, it was invented in 1945 & used in the hotel/restaurant business. It has some excellent features to attract you. It doesn’t make much noise while producing juice at the same time easy to use & doesn’t cost you much.

As it doesn’t have a pulp controller, while juicing, you may not be able to get the best taste from it because it causes some bitterness.

When Was the First Citrus Juicer Invented answered

Masticating juicers

Masticastic juicers have taken place in the juicer race. One of the main reasons is its pace. Because of its fast-rotating blade, it produces much heat. But it saves your time and ability to make juice from maximum kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Twin-gear juicers

Mr. Kim invented a twin gear juicer in 1993. It follows the method of mortar & pestle mainly. It was specially made for leafy greens. If you want more nutrients, it is one of the best.

Because of its low speed, it is called a slow juicer. But it can restrict pulp & clogging which leads to a rich nutrient.

Centrifugal juicers

After the various improvisation, Mr. Normans’ juicer has formed into today’s centrifugal juicer. It is almost like traditional blenders. Here we see a chamber full of blades chop the fruits and vegetables into pieces. Next, a high seedy spinning blade separates the juice from the pulp. It was then collected in different parts of the juicer.

It also has some salient features. It is easy to afford & able to extract much juice from the fruits and vegetables.

Steam juicers

Nowadays, the steam juicer has also come into the race of the juicer industry. It is a sort of harvest juicer. It has two units. The first one is designed to produce steam & the second one is with spinning metal. It is better for bottling juice.

It uses the most convenient process. Here you won’t find pulp & fruits particles. Instead, you can change the taste using sugar & able to improve its shelf life by adding ascorbic acid.

As the name indicates, it uses steam to produce juice. While making juice, it has to go through the following steps. First, push the steam into the fruit in a chamber by boiling water supported by a basket. In the middle section, the juice is collected through a hose pipe. Then the collected hot juice is stored in a bottle without refrigeration.

Conclusion: When was the first Citrus juicer invented?

We tried to show the invention & improvisation of citrus juicer in time. This improvisation is to minimize the wastage of fruits and vegetables. While juicing, make less pulp & as dry as possible to extract the last drop of juice. To live a healthy life, use a citrus juicer you like & drink juice made from it daily.

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