How Does a Juicer Work? 7 Types of Juicers Explained

It's not necessary to know How Does a Juicer Work!

To live a healthy life, vitamins, minerals, nutrition, etc., are necessary. You can get all these ingredients from the juice. However, to produce that juice, you will need a juicer.

As you need a juicer to better your healthy life, it is better to know a bit about how a juicer works. But there are various types of juicers in the market. So we will try to know a bit of them through this content. 

If you have ever wondered how does a juicer work, this blog post is your answer!


Using a juicer

Some simple steps will help you to know how to use a juicer. As follows:

  • Put the cup/pot/glass on the juicer to collect your juice.
  • Attach the waste container properly to collect the wastage.
  • Open the lid & turn on the juicer.
  • Slice your fruits and vegetables properly to push through the opening of your juicer
  • When it is done, put off your juicer.

That’s it!

How does a juicer work is not a rocket science

Juicers Working Process

There are various types of juicers. Take a look at the working process and merits of each.

Manual juicers’ working process

Maybe the oldest form of juicer is a manual juicer. Still, it has a position in the juicing industry. It is comparatively cheap enough to afford. It doesn’t require electricity to operate.

The manual juicer’s working process is straightforward. Only put your fruits and vegetables on the juicer and press the handle. That’s the way you can extract juice from a manual juicer. it is also a juice extractor that extracts citrus fruits or vegetable juice.

Hydraulic press juicers’ working process

A hydraulic juicer is an uncommon household for fresh juice. It is also a sophisticated juicer still fighting for its place in the juicing industry. However, you will often get it for commercial purposes in stores or juice centers.

Generally, it works in two steps. After inserting the fruits and vegetables, it chops them into small pieces in the first step.

In the second step, extreme pressure is put on the pieces of fruits and vegetables. Thus extract juice from them. 

A juicer's work process is simple

Steam juicers’ work process

Another juicer is a steam juicer. It is also in the race to sustain its place in the market by its juicing process.

As the name sounds, it uses steam force to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Then, it produces extremely high steam to create the power and operate the system to get more juice.

Masticating juicers’ work process

It is a popular up-to-date juicer. It has some similarities with centrifugal juicers. We will discuss them later.

Firstly, it crushes its product with a single gear at a slow speed of around 100 RPM. Then the crushed product is pushed through a sharp screen into a jar or pot. This results in a better juice yield than the other juicers.

Masticating juicers have some downsides also while making juice. Such as, it doesn’t last long. It’s a bit foamy. At the same time, it is very pulpy & chunky also. That’s why it’s not pleasant, especially while juicing leafy greens. In short, it tastes a bit bitter.

Centrifugal juicers’ work process

The Centrifugal juicer is fast & speedy. Its RPM is around 6000-14000. Another important reason for its popularity is that it is very cheap.

There is a fast-spinning blade inside it. When you put fruits and vegetables in it, it comes to the direct contact of the spinning blade through a channel. Next, the chopped product starts moving towards the sides of the machine with the help of the centrifugal force of a rotating basket. Then it comes to a jar or pot through a sharp screen pushed through.

Though it is cheap & speedy, it has some demerits too. It breaks down quickly & after chopping lefts behind almost 30% skin, fiber, seeds & stems.

Juicers are handy for ensuring nutrients in your life

Twin gear juicers’ work process

Like its name, twin gear juicers have two gears (augers). In this type of juicer, the augers rotate & pull the product in & chew it up. After that, the augers push the chewing product & extract juice from them.

Like other juicers, it has some demerits. It also left behind up to 30% wastage. Besides this, it is an expensive & slow juicer. Moreover, it is hard to clean.

Cold press juicers‘ work process

This is the best type of juicer so far. It uses pneumatic or hydraulic press technology to produce juice. To make super high-quality juice, it is used in almost every bar for its customers.

It also has two steps to follow while working or processing juice. As follows:

  • After dropping your desired fruits and vegetables in this type of juicer, the product is cut into pieces consistently. A sharp steel rotating blade performs the process.
  • By forcing extreme pressure, the machine produces your desired juice.

As the juice is produced by immense pressure, it is delightful & smooth to drink.

The only issue is its price. The price is a bit higher than the other juicer. So people often use it at home. Instead, it is used for business purposes like in restaurants or juice bars.

Final Words: How Does a Juicer Work

So far, we have discussed how various types of juicer work. I hope you have got an idea from it. It will help you to select a juicer that is good for you. 

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