How to Disassemble NordicTrack Treadmill for Moving?

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Nordictrack treadmills are hands down among the best fitness equipment one can own for sure. However, it becomes an issue if you’re moving from a place and have a Nordictrack treadmill. As they pack many features, facilities, and technology, disassembling a NordicTrack treadmill is daunting. Although you can fold and move it from one room to another, disassembly is necessary for long-distance movement.

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Deep cleaning also requires disassembly sometimes because there are many narrow spaces inside. However, knowing how to disassemble the NordicTrack treadmill for moving will help you keep the sensitive parts intact without damaging them. So stick to the article, and I’ll help you get inside your favorite Nordictrack treadmill, take it apart, and keep it functional after putting it back.


Can You Take Apart a NordicTrack Treadmill?

Although Nordictrack treadmills come with many high-end features and parts, it’s not impossible to disassemble them. There are many sensitive things inside, which you’ll have to handle carefully, especially if it’s a shock-absorbing treadmill from Nordictrack. You must also keep a detailed record of your steps while taking them apart. It’s crucial to follow, especially if you’re new to the game, to reassemble it.

Can You Take Apart a Nordictrack Treadmill to Move

You won’t be able to put the treadmill back together if you don’t know how you took it apart. Furthermore, using only the tools that come with the box or match the manufacturer’s instructions would be best. Finally, once you disassemble the treadmill, you must pack it properly if you’re moving out with it. Be sure to take everything with you, and don’t leave anything behind because you need each item to make it functional.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Disassemble Nordictrack Treadmill for Moving

Disassembling a Nordictrack treadmill for moving is tricky, but with the proper process, it’s a breeze. Here is the step-by-step process of how to disassemble the NordicTrack treadmill for moving, storing, or any other purposes:

One Person Running on a Nordictrack Treadmill

Step 1: Disconnecting the power

The first step to disassembling a NordicTrack treadmill is disconnecting it from the power source. It will also keep the internal mechanism safe while you take things apart from the treadmill. If you overlook this part and start disassembling the machine, electricity may also damage the inside and electrify you. So instead, unplug the power cord from the treadmill to the wall socket to avoid electrocution.

Step 2: Detaching the console

The control panel or the console on the treadmill is the most sensitive part of the NordicTrack treadmill. It’s the place from where you control everything from speed to inclination features. Detaching this part has steps and several ways depending on your model.

Here is a universal process of taking it apart, which applies to any NordicTrack treadmill:

Disconnecting the grounding wires

Every NordicTrack treadmill has a grounding wire from the console to the back of the treadmill. You’ll see a hole in the back of the console where the wire starts and ends at the bottom back. Disconnect the wire from the back of the console of your treadmill and move on to the clamps.

Detaching the console clamps

Once every wire and cable is disconnected and secured from electricity, it’s time to detach the console. There are some clamps on the top of the treadmill unit that you’ll remove first. You must use the 9-inch rod (included in the treadmill package) to remove the clamps. It’s the safest way to do the job; remove all four screws, and it should come right off easily.

Take the whole console apart

If you have successfully removed all the screws and detached the clamps, you should access the screws. There are usually 6 screws holding the console to the treadmill; two on each side and two in the middle. Unscrew all the screws with a matching Philips screwdriver to completely detach the console. After that, all you have to do is gently lift the console from the treadmill frame. Don’t forget to store the console unit in a safe place to avoid damaging it.

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Step 3: Folding the treadmill

Once the console is detached and stored safely, you complete the most crucial disassembly part. Next, you must fold the treadmill for easy transport if you’re moving out with it. Before folding the treadmill, remove the wires from the console and the bolts holding it upright.

One person resting immediate after working out

8 bolts keep the machine firm in its place; when you remove them all, only one base remains. After removing all the upright parts of the machine, fold them gently and put them away. The base isn’t removable, so you have a complete package of the disassembled treadmill.

Step 4: Moving the treadmill

Now, before you start moving the treadmill, check everything properly if you’re not packing anything. Ensure everything is packed in, from a tiny bolt to the handles and legs, and don’t leave anything behind. If you’re moving it from one room to another on the safe floor, use the wheels underneath every NordicTrack treadmill comes. Pack it well if it’s a distant movement so it doesn’t move a bit.

Moving to upstairs

If you’re moving your treadmill upstairs, using the wheels is impossible, and you must lift it for the process. You can take the base first; that’s the heaviest part of the treadmill; ask someone to help you if it’s too heavy for you alone. Then, take the rest of the treadmill parts upstairs, and you’re good!

Step 5: Unfolding and assembling the treadmill

After moving from one place to another, putting the treadmill back together is what you do first. Putting it back is pretty straightforward if you remember what I mentioned before; keeping a record of every step!

One Heavy Person Running on a NordicTrack Treadmill

As you know, the steps of taking the treadmill apart now do the exact opposite of assembling it. So, again, follow the steps I mentioned earlier, this time from the back. If every step goes well, you should be able to plug it in and start running immediately.

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As you now know, how to disassemble the NordicTrack treadmill for moving, taking it apart, and handling things safely should be the primary concern. If you cannot keep the processes safe and parts secure, they won’t operate as smoothly as before.

Another thing you keep in mind is that you keep the disassembled parts organized in separate sections and steps. It will help you in the reassembly process and the usage after putting it back together. Beware while assembling the parts that take electricity and check the machine before starting it again.

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