How to Juice a Grapefruit Without a Juicer?

If You're Wondering How to Juice a Grapefruit without a Juicer

Grapefruit is one of the citrus fruits. It is easy to squeeze. Usually, in grapefruit juice, you will find a tangy flavor. But you can change the taste by adding your desired flavor to get fresh grapefruit juice. You can make it without an electric juicer/Citrus juicer. We will show you the homemade grapefruit juice recipe to get fresh juice.


What is grapefruit?

As we already said, it is one of the citrus fruits. It is a sort of bitter fruit. Sometimes grapefruit juice tastes semi-sour & sometimes it is semi-sweet. It is comparatively large than other fruits. We find various colors inside it while it is intersected. Sometimes it looks pale yellow & sometimes it looks dark pink. It is a hybrid citrus fruit of Barbados mainly.

Advantages of grapefruit juice

There are a lot of benefits of pure grapefruit juice. All of them are beneficial to our bodies.  Such as …

  •       Vitamin c
  •       Potassium
  •       Calcium
  •       Magnesium
  •       Phosphorus
  •       Minerals

Besides this, it is often used on breakfast tables with morning meals. It is to make & offer the same taste. This grapefruit or citrus juice has a magnificent effect on us.

Some researchers’ study shows that pink grapefruit juice can help you get anti-anxiety-free, allergy medication & heart medication.

How to Juice a Grapefruit without a Juicer is a big question

How to juice with a blender?

Here we will show you how to juice grapefruit with a blender. To do so, you will have to need some elements & follow some steps. So stay tuned & follow the instructions.

Elements you need

To make this juice without a juicer, you will need some ingredients. Those are as follows…

  •       Grapefruit
  •       Carrots
  •       Apple
  •       Lemon


Step 1:

First, you have to cut the grapefruit in half to quarter slices. Remember to peel the skin while removing the pithy part of it. Now put it into the blender. The first step is done.

Step 2:

As we told you earlier about its taste, to change the flavor, use the apple. Cut it & remove the seeds inside. You may cut it into cubes around 2” with skin. It is time to place it on top of the grapefruit in your bender to make apple juice.

Step 3:

For the same reason, add the carrots. Don’t forget to slice it. Add it also into your blender.

Step 4:

Lemon will also do the same thing as apples & carrots do. So slice it or press it to get the lemon juice with your hand after cutting it into pieces.

Step 5:

If be needed, add water to it to blend well. Again, the amount will depend on your necessity.

Step 6:

Now you need a nut milk bag or cheesecloth to strain the juice. You can use a tea towel also. Place all of them in a large bowl. Pour the juice through a nut milk bag. Extract the juice by twisting gently. Filter the pulp behind & collect the juice.

Step 7:

Don’t squeeze the pulp too hard. It may cause more escape of pulp throughout the bag.

Step 8:

Using a tea towel or cheesecloth may also prove handy while juicing it out. The choice is up to you. Now your drink is ready. You can store citrus juice for 24 hours or take it as soon as it is made.

Grapefruit is full of minerals and vitamins

Adding different flavor

You can add flavor to this juice like ginger, lemon, or greens. Though it has a delicacy in taste, we have some suggestions for you to create variation in its taste.

While serving the juice, use sparkling water. It will give you a different taste.

Use a fresh ginger or turmeric root in it.

You can also use spinach. It will not change the taste but will bring a variation in color. It is called grapefruit green juice.

You can also add lemon to the juice for ultra-zippiness.

You have to blend it with vanilla yogurt to make tasty homemade juice. But, it will help you, especially on hot sunny days.

Final thoughts

We have tried to show you how to juice a grapefruit without a juicer. The decision is yours whether you expend extra money or space for your grapefruit juicer or use your blender to do so.

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